I walked in the peace marches during Vietnam. I walked in peace marches before the war in Iraq and still do. I will keep walking in peace marches and writing about peace for the rest of my life if needed. There is such a need now for us all to write and talk about peace because it is still to happening in Iraq or other places in the world. We are the ones that will make it happen because we are able to see objectively and in our hearts that peace is the way.

War is caused by the need to control or have power over others. War has been sold to the people for many other reasons (like to stop terrorist, liberate a country, for our freedom, etc) but those are stories told to us to hide the truth of pursuit of power. Those stories have changed constantly about the war in Iraq but the truth is more about wanting a power base in the Middle East both for oil and to have a place to control other countries. Have you seen the embassy they are building in Bagdad?

I use to rant and rave about wanting peace. Then I realized I was not being very peaceful. Since then I have found more inner peace and less attachment to results. I now try not to take the insanity of our leadership personally. I do however wonder how our leaders are a reflection of us the citizens. Are we all crazy, off our rockers, or something like that? It sure seems to me that our leadership is lacking wisdom, value for human life and any reasonable ability to communicate with anything other then a big stick.

Speaking up for peace is a positive thing to do. Bobbi and I created Peace Together because we knew we had to do something rather then complain. We are both creative so we came up with these t-shirts and bumper stickers that have positive messages for peace. We go to fairs and conferences and sell our shirts and stickers and talk to people about peace. We think that if enough people bring peace into their consciousness then peace will happen. Fear is too often the driving force in us and with that mind frame peace probably won’t happen. Talking about peace, seeing peace in our minds and being peaceful inside will make it possible. We choose to be peaceful people.

Our goal is to create the Peace Together Foundation which will support our peace work and give grants to those working for peace. We think that those who are: spreading peace consciousness; working with others on inner peace; helping people see that the path of compassion and heart will bring peace; raising awareness about how truly connected we are all; and other peaceful ways can bring about the changes necessary on the planet. That is our mission and we will make it happen together with others.

What do you think and feel about how to create peace in the world? Together you and I and others can certainly make a difference. I do believe that inner peace is a good starting place.
Check out my free Guide to Inner Peace that you can download now. It will give you lots of ideas, encouragement and inspiration.

I was just listening to Imagine by John Lennon yesterday and thinking this song is an inspiration to me and I am sure to many others. I know the task of peace is a giant one. Join me and find a way to be peace and do peace in alignment with who you are. Together we can lift each other to a higher realization and live in peace and harmony. It is time.

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will be as one . *John Lennon *