It All Happens Now

I keep waking up more each day to the possibilities in me and in the world. I have come to realize that in this moment (yes the moment you are reading this) there is everything. Look at your ideas that it takes time to have what you want. The time is now and what you want is in this moment. Let’s you and I be honest with ourselves and be willing to take our awareness of the now all the way to where we want to be.

Life is only now
Love is only now
Truth is only now
Wisdom is only now

Enlightenment, Self-Realization is only now
Joy is only now
Happiness is only now
Freedom is only now
Absolute peace, only now.

It’s up to you. Scott Morrison

I came upon this writing by Scott Morrison in my reading this morning and I was so struck with the power and simplicity of this. I am still trying to wrap my mind and heart around it. I sense the absolute truth of this but my limiting thoughts and beliefs are holding me back from stepping into the nowness of all of this. It is like I understand and yet let my life stories, ego and other illusions in me take me away from this moment.

What keeps you from fully embracing all the possibilities of life now? How do you get in your own way from having what you want now? Are you willing to do an experiment?

If so,

  • Try fully being present to this moment,
  • Sit back and read through Scott’s inspirational words
  • Explore what stirs in you
  • Notice how you respond
  • Listen to your thoughts, feel your emotions
  • Be aware of where the truth resonates in you
  • Take what you learn now and extend it into the next moment
  • Keep taking it further
  • Be with love, joy, truth, freedom and peace now and enjoy . . . . . . . . . .