Increase Is What You Want

I write because I want to express myself, my creativity and to live with purpose. My goal is to increase the quality of your life through ideas, points of view, awareness, inspiration and encouragement. Increase is the natural order of things in the universe. As the planet has evolved there has been an ever-expanding diversity of life. This is true for us humans too. The first humans were simple and basic in their communications and social make up. Today our species is filled with a complexity of ideas, values, beliefs and social structures. This complexity is increase in action. We are more complex because we have evolved in all that we can think, say and do.

Today you and I are naturally drawn to increasing what we have. We want more things, money, experiences, entertainment, security etc. on the physical level. On a mental/emotional level we take in huge amounts of information, process an endless array of emotional responses and in general are often speeding about charged up with thoughts and reactions. On a spiritual level there is a deep longing for more peace, freedom, understanding, love, and depth of meaning.

I feel, think and experience all of this too. I have many wants, dreams and desires. My mind and emotions are abuzz with ideas and charges with emotions. My spirit longs to express itself free from all the stuff and centered in a place of consciousness and stillness. I feel more alive then ever. I also question more then ever and wonder how things can be better for everyone? So I write and explore and hopefully inspire and encourage you toward the life you want and the world that is a good place for everyone.

Now let’s talk about this inner pull for increase and later I will address how to make it possible to have what you want. There is in you and me this innate desire to grow and to learn. You want to be conscious and aware so that you can live a life that feels right and truthful. You also want to have a good life with the house, cars and things your family needs and wants. Those longings and desires inside are positive forces calling you express yourself as fully as you can and to keep on growing. This is your nature. Some will have you believe that there is something wrong with desire and wanting but they are not good students of human nature and have limiting beliefs. It is always best to follow your own inner truth than to have others tell you what your truth is. Your inner wisdom is vast and if listened to, will always be a guide for your good.

With an abundant and prosperous life you have the capacity to fully express yourself. Wanting this for yourself and all other inhabitants of the planet is the ideal. You and I and all others share this yearning for more of the good life, more prosperity, more expression, more knowledge, more truth, more understanding, more freedom, more love and compassion, more inspiration, more ways to expand and improve our lives.

My writing will continue to explore this seeking of more in life because I totally believe in your desire for your fullest and highest expression. I will give you ideas to create and realize your potential. I will invite you to move past your fears, blocks and your limiting beliefs. I will encourage the best in you and inspire the most in you and along the way it will challenge and inspire the best in me. Together we can journey toward our highest realization and lift the planet to its highest expression.
Are you interested?

Viewed narrowly, all life is universal hunger and an expression of energy associated with it.
Mary Ritter Beard

I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.
Madonna Ciccone

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.
Martha Graham