Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide

Yesterday I wrote about Kaizen and the importance of continual improvement. When I learn and grow I feel better about myself and l bring more freshness and energy to life. There is an inner guide that can always show me the way to living on purpose, to keep growing, to be passionate about what I do, and to be free enough to fully love and enjoy my life. That guide is called my intuition. This inner knowing can also be called my Higher Self, voice of the soul, my spirit or gut instinct. Intuition comes from a greater knowing within you and I beyond the rational mind. The heart knows, the gut knows, our spirit knows things the mind is not able to know. Our intuition is always with us but too often it is not paid attention to because our mind is running the ship. Ignoring the knowing within often cause a person to suffer. Listening and acting on your higher self’s guidance will lead you toward a life of success, love, joy, peace, prosperity and freedom.

Intuition comes to us in out of the ordinary ways. It doesn’t necessarily abide by the ideas of time, space, or sense of self. Our inner knowing can come to us out of the blue, listening to song, in the midst of chaos, in a quiet moment or where and whenever it feels like letting us know something. Your soul’s voice can be guiding you to a major shift in your life or showing you how to lighten up in the moment. All inner guidance is of value and can enrich your life in ways you may never have dreamed of or thought about. The important thing to do is to start listening, paying attention and be aware of the knowing in you that wants to be heard.

Here are a couple of exercises to wake up or more fully activate your intuition. Explore these ideas with a sense of play and experimentation and your results will come easier.

1. For a fun experiment start playing with the things that are happening around you. When the phone rings guess who it is. When talking to others get a sense of what they are going to say? Pay attention to the song in your head and the message the lyrics have for you. When you feel like checking something out, do so. Play with your urges and see where they take you.

2. Take a few minutes at the start of your day and ask your higher self to guide you. Ask that you be shown what you need to know and what would work best throughout that day. Pay close attention because the guidance will be there. If you have never explored your intuition this will take some practice and trust. See if you get visual messages, vocal messages or vibrational messages. Find out how you know, what you know.

The more you explore the more you will discover how powerful intuition is in your life. I remember once sitting across from a client and I kept getting an image of a tricycle. So I asked her about this tricycle and she began to sob and she shared this sad story from her childhood. She grew more whole as a person from the intuition I had and I grew to trust more and more my inner knowing when working with others.

In your work, your relationships, your world you can use you inner guidance to make everything work better. I will follow up in the next month or so with more ideas to develop your intuition as a vehicle for your self-improvement. Let me know how your intuition is working. I am positive you will have some good stories to share. Please hit the comment button below and share your stories or write me at explorelifeblog@gmail.com.

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or whatever you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.
Albert Einstein

All societies, ancient of modern, primitive or sophisticated, have guided themselves by values and goals rooted in the experience of “deep intuition.” Willis Harmon