Why You Need to Question Things More Vigorously

I am all stirred up today and I feel like causing some trouble. Do you ever feel like that? I work part-time for a company that has some pretty small ideas of how to treat their professional employees. I have spent over 30 years working for a variety of organizations, agencies and companies and many lack the kind of vision that truly values the people that work for them. I figure it is because you and I under value ourselves? I realize as I am writing this that my own journey of self-worth and self acceptance has been bumpy at times. I was raise in a traditional Catholic home. The sins and guilt education I got in Catholic schools was extensive. 12 years of programming and conditioning in these schools have taken me much of my life to offset. Sure I learned some very positive values that mean a lot to me. I however learned a huge amount of self-judging, not deserving and limiting points of view. 

How about your upbringing? Was it supportive and encouraging to who you are? Did it teach you to be accepting of a variety of points of view and beliefs? Did you learn about love and compassion for yourself and others? Where you encouraged to be creative in you own way? Did people listen to and value your uniqueness? Where you taught to question things and to be critical in your thinking? Was your education interesting, thoughtful, challenging, positive and fun?

If you answered no to some or all of the questions, don’t be surprised. You were brought up and educated like the rest of us. Everyone along the way including our parents and teachers were doing the best job they could. They were held back by limited ideas, beliefs and points of view. These limits were passed along to you but you can do something about them.

I want to share with you the best ideas I have to help us all move on from the conditioning and training we received. That is one of the reasons I write this blog so that I can share with you my purpose which is to encourage you highest realization. I do that with my word and ideas, my encouragement, my questions and observations, and hopefully by inspiring you to go for more and be all that you are here to be.

Conditioning is very powerful and to counter it takes growing the following qualities. The first quality is awareness. To be free of any learned limits you must first become aware of how you limit yourself. This takes time and paying attention to what is going on inside and around you. Progress with focus will help you see who you are. With awareness you can make choices and from there orchestrate the changes you see necessary to be a more expansive person.

My writing about intuition yesterday and in the future will be to encourage you past the programming by tuning into the higher knowing within. Yes there is a part of you untouched by your upbringing. That higher knowing is in each of us as part of our collective consciousness. The more you learn to trust this inner guidance the sooner you will be liberated from the programming you received.  Question those belief systems (politics, churches, governments etc.) that try to tell you what you need and what your truth is. They cannot know what is right for you.

I wrote about impartiality a while back. Take a journey through my blogs and read up on impartiality if you want to learn to be more free. Impartiality gives you a way to see fully who you are without judging. This fair witness to you and the world gives you great insight and allows you to be with yourself and others in a very liberating way.

Well I have been rambling away. I hope you got stirred up in some way that will help you question things and express who you are uniquely?