Wow Blazers and Profound Insight All In One Night

Last night was a very interesting evening for me for two very different reasons: one profound and one of little significance unless your interested. I start with the one of little significance to most people. I have to admit to being a big basketball fan. I grew up in the Portland area and have been a Blazer fan most of my life. It was a big night for us Blazers fans. If you know why then I don’t have to say much more. If you don’t, you haven’t missed out on much other then one really tall guy. Yes!!!

Now to the more profound part of my evening, a teacher of deeper wisdom was in town. John Sherman at is one of my favorite people to listen to because of how he teaches self-inquiry. His consciousness filled the room and his smile warmed everyone’s heart last night here in Boulder. He talks about how to find out who you are at your essence beyond the personality and life drama. He is very good at taking your deeper in your understanding. After he talked he asked if there are any questions and I raised my hand, came up and sat next to him and asked him some questions I had. There is something so powerful about sitting close to someone who is radiating this glow of self-realization. It was like I was listening to his words but felt like I was getting much more understanding from sitting there next to him. All this grace coming my direction was a wonderful experience to have.

I still feel the vibrations of last night flowing through me now as I write this. Take a moment and allow yourself to tap into this energy as you read along. You are not limited by either time or space limits from doing this. That energy from John through me is already in us at the level of consciousness where you and I are one. I know this may sound a bit out there but the truth of it can be discovered by you if you inquire into who you are.

Let me ask you a few questions and then you explore and let me know. There is in you an awareness/consciousness of you that existed before this birth and will continue after this life, who is that? Who are you that knows yourself beyond all that defines you in this life? Look into the mirror and see deeply into your eyes, who is it that is the sparkle of life and knowing inside? Words may not capture the inquiry very well but there is a part of you that knows beyond words. Can you feel or sense that?

I hope you have a little greater sense of what this self-inquiry is about? Check out John’s site for more at and go Blazers.

Self-inquiry will not make you anything that you are not already, but it will, over time destroy the false belief that you are this body, this mind, this story, this life. That false belief is the root cause of all human suffering whatsoever.
John Sherman