Relaxation, Intuition, Trust

The last two days I have noticed that there is a lot stirred up inside of me. When I feel stuff going on inside it usually centers in my stomach. My stomach is the place where I feel the most emotional impact. I decided I needed to explore what was going on inside so I took some quiet time to listen inward. What I got was there is some kind of shift happening in me and I am both excited about it and fearful of the unknown. I don’t know what is going to happen so the fear is there. I am excited about my expansive inner movement because I trust it will be for my good.

I then decided I need to ask myself what do I need to do with what is going on inside. The inner message was very clear. I was to take time to focus on relaxation and allow my body to let go of the fear. I was also to tune into my intuition for further insight and guidance. The last advice was to trust that this would all work out well. Relaxation, intuition and trust are what I am to do with this inner shifting that is going on inside of me. Sounds like good advice so I plan on following it.

I am sharing with you this method of tuning in, listening, and paying attention to what is going on inside because you can do the very same thing when you have emotions and reactions going on inside. You can tune in for insight and awareness. You can request understanding as to what is going on with you. You can then ask for guidance as to what to do and listen because it will come if you are receptive. This is all simple to do and to be receptive is just a willingness to hear your higher guidance and follow through on what you are shown. The follow through is important to keep the guidance flowing.

Here are the steps:

• Find a quiet place and get comfortable.
• Listen inward.
• Be patient and give yourself time to tune in.
• Be aware when the guidance comes it may be in the form of images, thoughts, words, feelings or sensations.
• Be open and receive the insights and intuitions as they are presented to you.
• Note what you are guided to do and then make a plan to follow through.
• Be grateful for the new understand and direction.
• Integrate the new awareness and live the guidance.


I hope you find this clear enough so you can use these ides today. Please feel free to ask me questions by sending me a note through the comment section below or emailing me at