Today Is A Very Good Day To Be Alive

Today is a very good day to be alive. Why, because it is the best possible option I have. If I am going to live my life as fully as I can, I need to start with today. Today I can appreciate all that I have as it is. I can choose how to view this day and what happens. Each day offers me multiple choices and I choose how to experience each of those moments. The key here is choice and what I do with it? It is these choice points where I shape my experience of my life moment by moment.

My options are to take this day as a gift and to be grateful for another day of living or I can grumble, mumble and stumble through the day. I can be unconscious and just be run by habit and fear or I can be awake and make my day one of purpose and intention. I can be discouraged or challenged by what the day presents to me. I can give and receive love or I can close down and protect. I can enjoy what is presented to me, or struggle with my self-limiting mind. I can look at what happens as results and feedback and move to be better or I can complain and blame and shrink my sense of self.

Each moment there are choices and each choice flavors the moment. There can be exquisite moments of pure joy, freedom, understanding and celebration and moments of peace, satisfaction, comfort and flow. Sure there will be bumps along the way but those bumps remind you the journey along this road is not always smooth. As I wrote the above sentence, I had this clear image of traveling in a jeep along a bumpy road and my body bobbing through beautiful places in nature and have this banquet for the eyes as I take in these jaw-dropping scenes. Kind of a metaphor for life isn’t it. There is so much wonder and beauty available to us, yet much of the time you and I are focused on just hanging on and we miss the scenes as they unfold. Maybe it is time to get our of the car and walk, decide our own pace, take in what we want when and how we want to?

Look around and see what you have created? Does it free you up or tie you down? If things are working great, than adjustments are not called for now? If your life is not working the way you want it to, than it is time to look at what needs to change and what new direction to explore. Maybe it is time to simplify, or take a break, try a new strategy or consult for another perspective? Course correction along the way is an essential part of any successful journey through life.

It comes down to you making your life happen the way you want it to and that is good news. You with your choices can create a wonderful existence for you and those that travel with you. Be bold, take chances, stretch beyond your fears and most of all find the joy in the moment.