Let's Appreciate and Celebrate the Human Family

iStock_000000374854Small.jpgI was thinking the other day that most people I meet are easy to talk with, kind and considerate. I decided it was time to write about how much I appreciate my fellow inhabitants of this beautiful globe. When I have an opportunity to sit and talk with people I often discover how much we share in the way of wants and hopes for in this life.

Most people are: trying to the be the best they can be; they want the best for others too; they are compassionate and caring; they are concerned about the health of the planet for those in the next generation; they want everyone to have all the food, shelter and health care available; and they all hope for a better and safer world. I would say that we all have much more in common then we have significant differences. Sure there are differences in religious and political beliefs but still you and I all want the best for ourselves, our families and for everyone else.

There seems to be a disconnect in the media however. If you and I watch the news or listen to talk radio regularly, we probably have a negative distorted view of our fellow human kind. It seems what gets shown and talked about are the exceptions, the people who are killers, rapist, terrorist, greedy, self-abusive, extremist, very damaged, etc. The percentage of people who fall into exceptions category has to be under .1%.

I think it would be safe to say 99.9% of the people are worth getting to know. Take the time today to talk with someone new. Find out what is important to them and what their hopes are. Look around and notice the kind and considerate gestures, the smiles, the nods of hellos, and the friendly interactions. Everyone is just living their lives and finding ways to enjoy what they have. Even those having a bad day, you and I can understand and have compassion for because we have been there too.

You and I share this planet with many others and in essences we are one large family. We naturally want the best for everyone in our family. The times we live in bring us all much closer to each other. The internet keeps us in touch. There are people who read this blog all over the world. There is so much we can gain by exploring our connections. Together we can resolve all of our problems with understanding and heart. There are those who want to keep us in fear and divided for control purpose but they need to be ignored. Look around today and say hi to your brothers and sisters and appreciate them for who they are. Our differences are primarily only superficial. Join me and others who are seeking common ground and open to appreciating the beauty and wonder of each other. There is much to live for and celebrate about when we get to know each other. Let love, peace, acceptance and understanding be our guide.