Making the Best of Each Day

Today is another day and I want to make the best of it. I am sitting here open to inspiration and letting my intuition be my guide as I write this. The way to start the day off strongly is to think about how I want this day to turn out. When I set my mind to work on what kind of results I want than I am off to a good start.

Today I will create more success for my blog and for our Peace Together company; I will be of service to those I assist at my afternoon management consultation work for an employee assistance program; I will be open in my heart to all those I come in contact with especially my wife and friends; I will be conscious and aware throughout my day; I will work out to enhance my fitness and health; and I will be open to more joy, peace, freedom and money flowing through my life. Wow! this looks like a busy day doesn’t it? I do have a full agenda I am working on and I feel good about that because I am stretching myself towards my highest self-realization. Now adding my visualization and my emotional energy to these thoughts will kick the results into high gear.

What is your day like? What do you hope to achieve? How are you stretching yourself? Each day is an opportunity to set your intention and to create the results you want. Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t here yet, so today is what you have to work with. Take the time to get clear about what you want to have in your life. Set a plan in action to bring about these results. Take time each morning and/or night to visualize having what you want in your life and to also be grateful for what you do have and what is coming your way. Feel in your heart and body how it will feel to have this wonderful life. Feel it with such an intensity that the universe takes note and helps you create what you desire.

Clarity, Intention, Visualize, Feel, Plan, Action, Gratitude these are the key components. Get clear, set the intention and alignment it with your purpose and values, see it and feel it, set a plan of action and do it, and then celebrate the results with gratitude and joy. This is a simple formula and you can make it work starting today. Simple and effective but it takes you’re your focus and follow through each day.

Lets make this the best day and week you and I have had in a long time. Isn’t it reassuring to know you have the power to make things happen in positive and productive ways?

Have a great day.