Your Life and The Tour De France Have Something In Common

I have been watching the Tour De France this morning and loving it for the drama of a real reality show and for the beautiful views of the French Alps. Those athletes are amazing in the face of mountains and their challenges. You too are amazing with you ability to take on the ups and downs of life and still remain enthusiastic and determined. Like this endurance race, you know how to keep on going and make the best of the circumstances. Give yourself a big pat on the back. You are extraordinary whether anyone else even notices or not.

Yesterday, I wrote about freedom in the realm of the political world. Today I want to again write about freedom from an inner perspective. I think personal freedom is a real key to a happy and successful life. The starting point for freedom begins inside of you and I. I know if I am critical of myself and lack compassion for who I am and my journey than I can make my life miserable. My thoughts and feeling shape my experience of the world. If I want to be free I need to make sure my thinking and heart are aligned with who I am and are encouraging and supportive.

Inner freedom is possible through tending to what is going on inside emotionally and mentally. Here are 5 ways to set you free to be your best.

1. Shrink the inner critic. This rude learned criticism has no value, unless you value feeling bad. Instead let you inner dialogue be positive, supportive and encouraging. You will feel so much better and truly free if you accomplish this transition to a mind that is a friend.
2. Let your emotions be free. Too often you and I may try to control or deny emotions because they may be difficult in some way. All your feelings are ok and if you just watch them they come and go on their own. Feel what you feel and then move on.
3. Align with purpose and values. Know what matters to you most and then live by them. Let you most important values be your guidelines for how you live. Let your purpose be the engine that drives you to your highest realization. When on purpose and guided by values, you are free.
4. Quiet your mind or at least slow it down. A quiet mind is a huge reservoir of potential in waiting. Waiting for inner wisdom to speak, for intuition to inspired you, for the Infinite mind to work through you. A quiet mind is real freedom.
5. Love yourself unconditionally. Not matter what you have been taught or think, you are fully and completely worth loving and accepting as you are this moment. Time to drop the judging of who you are and instead truly love yourself. Self-love will make your life so much more fun and free.

Hope your ride through life is fully of love, joy, peace and freedom.