If You Value Freedom, You Participation Is Needed

Today I was selling our peace t-shirts at a summer festival and I got to talk about peace. I love to talk about politics and what we can do to make the world a better place. I think the political process is very interesting and also it can be frustrating. There are many points of view thrown into this big pot that our founding fathers started and this brew just continues to cook. Some times the results are delicious and sometimes frankly things stink. Each of us adds our own spice to the brew and the flavor can be nice. If too many special interests dump in their big scoops of influence the stink really rises to the top. If you take a whiff now days you know your point of view and involvement is badly needed.

People who say that aren’t political, make me wonder if they care about what is going on in the country and the world? If you aren’t political, then are you just trusting the other citizens and politicians to make our system of government work? I would say that if you leave it up to others, then no one is looking out for what matters most to you. Your and my government will only work well if it is participatory not if it is only run by politicians. Your opinion is needed and it matters most in times when things are not going as well. That would be now.

I am out there promoting peace and trying to dialogue with people. I have to, otherwise I fall into the useless mindset of blaming and complaining. I write and call my elected official also because most of the time they just do what is best for them not for the people. They need to know what you and I think and what we want. Without that information they tend to go along with who is in power and not provide the necessary checks and balances they were elected to do. Now more then ever, those checks and balances are needed between the branches of government.

Without them we get leaders who think they are above the law and act as if they can do whatever they want without consequence. Doesn’t that sound awfully familiar? If you are paying attention then you know what I am talking about. If not, please do so. You are needed now or our system will be in danger of loosing sight of our unique constitution based on freedom and what is good for the people.

A healthy way of life is what you and I want. I participate not because I am extraordinary but because I feel it is necessary. To me freedom is something I highly value. This present government is loosing sight of what freedom is and instead seems more based on the control and regulation of individual expression. Since 9/11 much of this control has been sold to us as a way to protect us from terrorist. That rationalization needs to be questions every step of the way. This executive branch has banned opposition at many levels. If that doesn’t concern you than it is time to nose around and see what our government and our corporations are up to???

As always I have many questions. Please join me in questioning all that is going on and together we can spice up the brew again and bring the sweet smell of a vibrant, successful democracy back into our lives.

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Peace is possible with your participation.