. . . In standing absolutely still in the midst of our conflicted, conceptual world, we may discover the explosion of unity, of love, that is the bare actuality of life.

Here is the challenge. Stop. Look. Listen.
Nothing is in the way.
Spontaneously, life is bursting forth.
Steven Harrison

I came upon this short reading and I said YES? What a great reminder that there is so much more going on then you and I may notice. Do you ever get so caught up in your life that you miss what is going on? I suspect you do. There is that going and going thing that I find myself caught up in. Can you identify with that?

This quick paced, spinning merry-go-round that you and I are on, needs to come to a stop once in a while. Step off and feel how dizzy you are until you settle into a more relaxed and quiet place. Stop. Look. Listen.

Stopping is about stepping away from the habits, the grooves and the trances of going and doing. There is an epidemic of doing that leaves no space for rest and being. This kind of life may seem full of accomplishment but most likely you the individual feels lost in it. You have a life but it missing who you are, other then your doing. Does that ring a bell? This weekend, take some time to stop doing, sit and sip a cold drink and just be in the moment, and enjoy.

Then when you have slowed down enough to be present, start to look around. What you will see could be quite amazing. As it says above, life is bursting our all over the place. This life is you being. Life is your family alive with all of their uniqueness and energy. Life is the world of ideas and desires waiting to come into bloom. Life is purpose, passion, peace and possibilities.  As you look, pay attention to: what is calling you; what driving forces are in play around you; what underlying unity holds it all together; and what about the power of love’s influence over all that is alive?

Now it is time to listen. Listen inward to the urges, insights and intuitions for they want to guide your being to a higher realization. Listen to the emotions that reveal what is stirred inside. Listen to the needs of those you love from a place of understanding and compassion. Listen the struggle of those less fortunate and reach out from your heart. Listen to the calls of the nation and the planet and join with others to shape things from the place of unity and love. Then, be quiet, and hear the stillness and silence of spirit and experience true oneness.

There now, doesn’t that feel better? Now you are home. Now you ready to be in the world with the spontaneity of true love, consciousness, peace and freedom. Feel the joy of that and let you light shine brightly out into the world. Thank you.