Try an Attitude of Gratitude Today

I woke up this morning thinking about what I am grateful for and there was so much that came to mind. I want to encourage you today to have and attitude of gratitude because it will change your experience of living in many positive ways. First however, I would love to share with you some of the things I am grateful for in my life. I suspect you will identify with many of my thankyou’s.

Today I am grateful this healthy body I have to travel through my day, for each breath and the wonder of living. I am grateful for my heart and each beat and all I feel inside. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for my brothers and sisters, for my friends and for my wife Bobbi. Thank you for the inspiration I receive for my writing and the other things I do today. Thank you for my inner drive to keep fit and take good care of myself. Thank you for my money flow that is ever-expanding. I feel deep gratitude for my home and the beautiful place I live with the mountains, nature trails, streams and wildflowers. Thank you for the teachers I have had that have expanded my consciousness and taught me to see the deeper truths. Thank you for my walks along the beach, which I still remember as if they were yesterday. Thanks too for my walking meditations that slow me down and help me experience life more fully while opening me toward further self-realization. Thank you for all those that do what they do for the good of human kind and for the richness of compassion in the world. Thanks for the stars that fill my night and the sun the lights and warms my day. Thank you for my desires that call me toward higher self-expression. Every cell of my being is vibrating with gratitude for the richness of my life so filled with all that I need and abundant in love, peace, freedom, awareness and joy. Thank you for the beautiful person you are and for the light that shines so brightly from you heart and spirit. Thank you, the Source of all, for all there is.

I have always been drawn to teachers that share the highest human truths. I so much enjoy reading and learning from people that inspire the best in me. All these teachers write and speak of the power of gratitude to enrich evryone’s lives. Two teachers come immediately to mind when I think of gratitude and creating the life you want. In Deepak Chopra’s books he writes that success and prosperity comes to those who have opened their hearts to gratitude. Wallace Wattles in the Science Of Getting Rich writes very clearly that gratitude is the best way to contact the Source of all creation. He says that if your gratitude is strong and constant then the response from Source will be strong and constant. There are many teachings out there to explore if you want to read and study more about the power of gratitude in your life.

The obvious truth here is that the more you feel gratitude the better you feel about life. Sure there are things in your day that could use some improvement to work better for you. Those too will get better with gratitude in mind. It is simply a much better use of you mind and energy to focus on what you have and are grateful for then to focus on what is not ok. An attitude of gratitude will make you feel better and set you free to create the life you want.

Be grateful and prosper.