The Truth Shall Set You Free

I saw this statement this morning, “Truth is all that matters” and it become the topic for today’s writing. How do we know what the truth is these days? There is so much misinformation spread about, that finding the truth takes some work. Maybe that is why many people choose to believe what they believe because they are unwilling or don’t have the time to really find out their own truths? There is certainly a lot of information out there and many people wanting to tell you what to believe and think.

I am unsure why this misinformation spreading is so prevalent these days? I suspect it has always gone on. I guess those that send out these mistruths think it is ok to do so? It seems the truth doesn’t matter to them, instead their agenda matters more. There must be some idea that manipulating the people is ok and something they figure they can pull off. From the White House and government to Corporations, Media and so-called think tanks and other organizations there comes a flood of information they want us to believe that simply isn’t true.

I read the other day the Exxon/Mobil spends millions of dollars each year financing these pseudo-science think tanks that say there is no global warming and there is nothing to be concerned about. Enron used their manipulation of the truth to steal billions of dollars. There is opinion news like Fox that isn’t really news based on the truth but more on a point of view. The White House fed us much misinformation while leading us into this insane War in Iraq. So truth doesn’t really matter to those driven by power, control, greed or whatever rationalizes the misinformation?

What about your own personal truths and how do you find out what they are? You and I were raised in families that had their own beliefs and truths. Being an adult means exploring your own truths some of which may be in contradiction to how you were raised. This exploration of your truths is an ongoing process.

I recently saw an old belief I had was simply not the truth, so I changed it. You will come upon things you thought were right but now you see them differently and the truth changes. Changing what you believe can happen quickly when you find your truth. A simple, kind of fun, example of truth changing is chocolate. Most health experts tell us to avoid too much sugar/candy. Now there is research that says dark chocolate has some health benefits. So I am testing that out and enjoying doing so. My chocolate research is not a great example of real truth seeking but it works to show how easily an idea I thought was a truth can be examined and changed.

The bigger truth questions take work and a closer examination. I want to share several ideas to help you sort out your own truths.
Ask lots of questions, look under the surface, and between the lines.
• Examine closely all beliefs and make sure they are truly what you believe.
• Pay attention to your gut and heart. They will tell you what is right and what is not. Contraction of the stomach or heart indicated something is off.
• Listen to your intuition, higher self, inner knowing or whatever you call it. There is always inner guidance available to you.
• Seek out information from a variety of sources you trust and people who you value their perspective.

I hope you found this helpful and that it provokes questions in you? Seeking the truth is a very important part of our journey through life.