5 Strategies For Inner Peace

Yesterday I wrote about values and how important it is to get clear about what you value and live accordingly. If you want to have inner peace you need to know your values and live by them. I want to write about inner peace today and how to have more. As I often write, this world you and I live in is so full of stuff going on that finding inner peace can be a real challenge. Today’s lives are too full of hurry and worry and you and I need to find ways to offset those tendencies. The goal is to find inner harmony so that no matter what is going on you can be at peace inside.

I am going to give you some strategies to experiment with. The key word is experiment. The ideas I share are to be explored in ways that work for you. My ideas are of little value unless they become your ideas too. The more you experiment and pay attention to how they work, the better you integrate them into your life. The goal is that at some time the practice becomes part of what you do.

The first strategy is to live by your values. If you haven’t done the value exercise from yesterday’s blog, do so today. You need to know what values are most important so you can set your priorities on what matters. If you highest value is love and you find that you are too protected, then you need to find ways to open your heart. If you value honesty but are living a dishonest life than there is a problem. Your values need to be honored and lived by or you will not feel at ease. This lack of integrity will always disrupt your inner peace. Take the values that are yours today and live by them as fully as possible. Know that it may take some to be in full alignment with them but the goal is to live each day with your values in mind. Value driven decisions that guide your life can bring inner peace.

The second strategy to explore is taking time to find the quiet place inside, your inner stillness. This stillness is your anchor to you inner knowing and a great link to your values. In taking time to be quiet you get to know the inner workings of your mind and heart. This knowing is called awareness and it is essential to living in alignment with what is important to you. Take time, each day, to be in you quiet place inside. The more you go there the more peace you will find.

The third strategy is to listen to your body as a way to keep in balance. The body is your feedback system that tells you when you are in balance or out. If you have lots of energy and feel loose and relaxed then the body is telling you things are going well. If you find you have a tight stomach, headaches or tension then something has gone out of balance. The body doesn’t lie like the mind can. The body tells you what is going on inside. Notice what makes the body feel good and what doesn’t. What you eat, if you exercise, how you hold tension can all affect the body. Let the body guide you to inner peace and balance.

The fourth strategy is to make an effort to slow down. Now in this hurry and worry world to slow down will take some focus. Yes you and I have learned to want things now and expect to get them. Impatience has become an unhealthy driving force. It is time to step away from the go, go, go and take a more scenic and leisurely route through life. This being on the go all the time needs to be transitioned into slowing the pace and enjoy the moment. Inner peace is possible when you slow down and enjoy the wonder and beauty of life.

The fifth strategy is notice when you are in fear and instead find love. This strategy will empower your life in very positive ways. Fear and love are opposites. For some reason fear is emphasized in the media as the way to get people’s attention. Fear is the great controller of the masses. You do not have to live in fear. Turn off the news and instead focus on love. Spread love to those you care about, to your community and if you feel so inclined to everyone you meet. Love always wins out over fear. When you are afraid find something to love and the fear will go away. Love can heal all problems and guide you to inner peace.

Take some time to explore these ideas and please let me know how it goes. Your inner peace can help spread peace to the world.