What Are Your Top 10 Values?

What do you want and what is important to you? The world you and I live in is full of complications and challenges. You need to know what you want in your life and what is important to you so you can focus on making them happen. There are so many distractions in this life that unless you have focus you are bound to wonder about going from one thing to another. If you just want to explore than that could be interesting and fun. However if you have some results in mind than you must set you intentions and have a course of direction.

Another part of the question is what is important to you? What matters most to you? What do you value more than anything else? Below is a list of values to explore. Your challenge here is to choose your Top 10 from this list or from others values not listed. Once you have your ten most important values then you are to put those 10 in order of importance. When you are done you will have the most important of all your values as number 1 and second most as number 2 and on down to 10.

Creativity           Learning              Kindness
Fame                 Mastery                Adventure
Parenting           Loving                  Beauty
Spirituality         Contribution         Religion
Having fun         Freedom               Discovery
Health               Looking good        Approval
Challenges         Supportive            Emotional health
Purposeful          Seeking                Self-Realizing
Teach                 Lead                    Be extraordinary
Organizer            Observe               Provide
Wealth                Success                Gamble
Explore               Justice                 Make a difference
Minister               Design                 Spread light
Build                   Fitness                 Mind development
Grace                  Gratitude             Genuine
Authentic             Serve                   Compassion
Consciousness       Work                    Relaxation
Protest                 Fairness               Understanding
Listening              Devotion              Healing
Touch                   Influence             Participate
Govern                 Play                     Write
Express                Travel                  Pleasure
Avoid pain            Nurture                Inspire
Unite                    Win                     Bring together
Compete               Environment        Diversity
Acceptance            Dominate            Corporate accountability
Greatness              Recognition         Excellence
Accomplish            Do good               Improvement
Money                   Empathy              Enlighten
Partnering             Relationships       Educate
Passionate             Mission                Intention
Model                    Uplift                  Goal setting
Intimacy                Holiness               Meditation
Flexible                 Energized            Radiant
Peace                    Community          Friendship
Coach                    Stimulate            Sex
Grow                     Taste                  Humor
Laughter                Acquire               Art
Assist                     Sports                 Take charge
Represent               Explain               Follow
Beliefs                    Truth                 Honesty
Caring                    Impartial            Awake
Potential                Honor                 Strength
Power                    Humility             Gratitude


Don’t forget to add any not included here. Once you have your Top 10 then put these values somewhere were you can review them daily. Your values are your guiding principles. If you follow and live by your values then you will feel positive about your life. If you tend to ignore them than you will feel less ok about what you are doing. Your number 1 value is the most important one to live by if you want to feel good about your life.

Make sure the values you list in your Top 10 are your values and not ones you learned and have yet questioned. Your values will change over time. Today your Top 10 values are your guide.

Please feel free to leave a comment below especially if you have a value or two you want to add to this list.