Be Informed, Then Place Your Attention On Positive Change

Last night I went to an event set up by in Boulder at a beautiful home overlooking the whole city and surrounding area. The event was tied to the Live Earth Concert and it was about taking care of the planet you and I call home. There were 120-150 people who showed up with food and conversation to share. There was also a video from Al Gore, an earth pledge at (please read it and sign it if you can) and a number of political candidates sharing what they would do for the planet if they were elected for president. I guess only one political party was interested in caring for the planet?

I found it so encouraging that so many of my fellow citizens showed up. One couple, Bobbi and I talked with, said they tend to avoid anything political but felt they couldn’t avoid it anymore. They usual ways of dealing with the problems were not working so they were seeking other options. It seems to me the usual way of things working out have taken a rough ride the last 7 years or so. Our system seems badly in need of repair. Leadership seems to have lost contact with the will and wants of the people. There is much to be concerned with.

I find myself wanting to keep informed, to ask lots of questions and to search for the truth even though much of it can be discouraging. I want to know as best as I can what is going on beyond the fear, misinformation and rhetoric we are being fed. When I go search around the internet and other sources for a variety of viewpoints, I can learn lots. This keeps me informed but what I find out can also make me upset and worried. So I find myself having to watch my emotional state to make sure I keep balanced. I see many things I could get mad about and know that to loose my own inner peace would not be helpful. If I am going to work for peace, justice and the healing of the planet then I must also make sure I am at peace inside; treating myself and those around me fairly; and helping the healing inside of me and those I love. That seems essential to me.

I decided that best thing I can do is something I think you might find of value. You and I need must not permit our mind and emotions to focus on what is wrong. We can explore and see what needs to change but we can’t spend too much time dwelling on dissatisfaction. When we do focus on the dissatisfaction, we become very dissatisfied with all of life and that is not a good place to hang out emotionally or mentally.

My plan is to see what is wrong and then focus my attention on the best of what can be. When I place my attention on the best possibilities then I become my best and I surround myself with the best. When I see the potential for good in others and situations, I get to live in that potential for good.

The choice to me is clear. You and I need to be informed and then we must also see the positive potential and focus on that. Together we can use our minds to know what is going on and then to bring positive purpose to making real difference in the world. Would you please join me in this?