The Rainforests Can Teach You How to Make a Difference

Last night I had the great privilege of sharing my evening with about 75 people here in Boulder as we listened to Lynne Twist talk about Pachamama Alliance  Lynne is the former executive director of the World Hunger Project and one of the world’s greatest fundraisers. If you ever get an opportunity to hear Lynne speak please go listen and have your heart touched. Lynne’s heart is as big as the earth and she spreads much love and light wherever she goes. She is one of the caretakers of the planet.

The Pachamama Alliance is about saving the Amazon Rainforest which is a kind of the breathing center for the earth. The Achuar are the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. Until 1997 the Achuar had no contact with the outside world. They are a dream culture that uses their dreams to live in harmony and to work out their challenges. In their dreams the Achuar had seen the coming of a threat from the outside world before it occurred (the oil companies where going to attempt to buy rights to search for oil from the government of Ecuador). They sensed what they needed to do was to make contact through their dreams with powerful people on the planet to help them. Lynne was one of 12 people called in her dreams to go. I know that sounds a little strange but listen to Lynne tell the story and you will get goose bumps.

What came out of her contact with the Achuar was that Lynne left the passionate work of the World Hunger Project to others and started the Pachamama Alliance. She knew nothing about the rainforest and the environment but once she and her husband met the people and saw what was at stake, she had no choice but take this call of the rainforest on. She commited herself fully to saving rainforest and saving the planet. If you are interested check out the website and learning more at Don’t missing seeing the video on the site called a New Dream.

Why does this matter to you and I and our lives? There are several key ingredients here about the health of the planet and civilization. One is the indigenous people have much to teach us about nature, balance, harmony and heart. There is a real need for those lessons in the world we live in.

Another is the planet needs the rainforest to be healthy. This huge belt of thriving biodiversity keeps the earth breathing with life. Watch the New Dream video and you will see what I am talking about.

Thirdly it is now time we start thinking for future generations so that those still to come have a planet to live on that can sustain them? The earth is our home and you and I need to take care of it as we do for our house and our family. We all share this planet together.

I haven’t written very much about the environment but it is always on my mind. If you want to explore the subject more take some time to learn from Alliance information and find out about the ideas of sustainability, greening your home and business and about your carbon footprint.

Together with knowledge, compassion and consciousness there is no limit to the good we can do and the positive influence we can have in the world.