9 Points From The Movie “Sicko” Every American Should Know

I saw the movie Sicko by Michael Moore last night I must admit to leaving the theater feeling upset and filled with questions about what you and I can do? Here are 9 points that stand out for me and that I think you should know from this film.

  1. We are the only country of the Western industrial powers that does not have universal health care.
  2. In counties that have universal health care there is a longer average life span and lesser infant mortality then here in the USA.
  3. In Cuba, a poor country, the health care is free and of very high quality. Cuban doctors provided free humanity medical services to places in need around the world. They also provided free care to three emergency workers from the New York City 9/11 site that were not able to get reasonable care in the USA.
  4. The number of lobbyist in Washington DC supporting the medical and pharmaceuticals industries far exceeds the number of elected officials in Congress. There is a huge amount of money spent on influence.
  5. Insurance companies don’t pay benefits for one main reason – that is to maximize profits. Insurance company profits and CEO pay has sky rocketed upwards in the last 25 years.
  6. Medication in the countries with universal health care is very low cost and free for those in need. In the USA there is almost no regulations on medication pricing and profit making.
  7. The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay receive free medical and dental care that is better then many in the USA.
  8. In countries where people live in fear, in debt, without the care they need, or are down on themselves, they don’t turn out to vote. If this group voted there would be a massive change in results for the betterment of people.
  9. The USA is one of the richest countries in the world and yet we take some of the poorest care of those in need.

What should we do? We can make a difference.