Weekend Fun, Mt Evans and Steamboat Springs

I hope I have been stirring you up and making your mind work and your heart open. Today I am going to take a little different course. I wanted to put something to do with Summer adventures on one of my weekend posts. Today is more of a travel log and I share it because I think you might find it interesting.

Saturday after I posted my blog, Bobbi and I loaded up the car and headed off on weekend road trip. Colorado has much to explore and I have only lived here a couple of years. Saturday we decided to drive to the top of Mt Evans. We ran into a slight problem because the road was full of people who road their bikes up to the top. I want to put this in perspective. I love to ride my bike and I like to challenge myself to keep fit. These people rode about 15 miles up to an elevation of over 14,000 feet. Can you imagine how hard that was? It makes some of the Tour de France climbs seem manageable. I was in awe as we drove past these dedicated athletes. After the awe past, I wondered why someone would put him or herself through such a painful experience? Challenging ourselves has many benefits. Is pain a necessary part of that? I don’t know.

Anyway this mountain is huge and the views even with a thunderstorm near by were amazing. I have never been that high before except when in airplane. It has been very hot lately but not up there. It was 42 degrees compared to 95 degrees down below. The air and views were invigorating.

After Mt Evans, we headed east and north with the goal of making it to Steamboat Springs. I had never been there and many people really like this place both Winter and Summer. Steamboat Springs sits in this very large green valley surrounded by mountains. The town is simple and easy to enjoy and the mountains offer places to explore. I had the best eggplant parmesan ever in a busy family Italian restaurant called Mazzola’s. Feeling particularly spunky, we decided to celebrate the good dinner with a milkshake for dessert. I almost blew up and that would have been the end to my blog. That was a crazy impulse and I suffered for it for several plump hours. Food is part of any Summer adventure.

Today we drove back from Steamboat vie North Park, through the Poudre Canyon to Ft Collins. The mountain passes and the Poudre River Canyon are part of what going for a summer drive is all about. This was nature at its best and so enjoyable. Heavy traffic because of the thousands of people on the river tubing, rafting and kayaking made the drive seem longer and we were glad to get to Fort Collins. Ft Collins is a nice little college town and we played some golf there and had dinner and headed home. Glad to be home and also grateful for all we saw and did in two days.

Hope you had a good weekend too?