See It, Rehearse It, Live It

I would like to share with you a few more thoughts about the power of visualizing. There is an incredible energy and inner resourcefulness that comes from caring a vision of what you want. Seeing what you want and seeing it over and over again can keep you focused and charged up. The more you see and feel the results you seek the more you build an inner charge for success. When the charge gets strong enough it pulls you through rough times and pushes you forward on the road to success. What you see inside can literally make a huge difference in what you make happen in your life.

Athletes use a practice called mental rehearsal that uses the power of visualization to improve performance. I have worked with bicyclist, distance runners, tennis players, swimmers, baseball and football players, golfers and gymnasts. One of the gymnasts I had the pleasure of working with won the national championship for the still rings competition at the high school level. He had great physical skills and strength and when he got his visualization working well his thinking and emotions took him to the top of his competition.

If you watch most athletes you can see them using visualization before their competition. You can use that same skill set to take you higher and to enable you to realize your highest goals. You can go into a meeting in which you have already visualized the results you want. You can take on a challenge and see the successful finish line long before you set off on the course. You can see money roll in or the congratulations surrounding you and feel it in every cell before you make it a reality. See it, feel it and rehearse it before and celebrate after.

Here is a simple practice to explore for visualizing you to success:
Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Take 10 slow deep breaths emphasizing the exhale by making sure every last bit of oxygen is released and then let the body inhale slowly and deeply. Fill the bottom of the lungs and belly first and then slowly fill to the top of the head with your inhale. After the ten breaths you will be more relaxed and receptive. Then create the picture of the results you want. Let’s say you want to win the best sales person of your company or be an Olympic Gold medal winner. You set your goals, feel yourself in powerful action, see yourself having the results you want, and experience the rush of those cheering your success. So you, see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, and rehearse it until the goal is realized. At all times you remain calm and focused. Excitement and anticipation are great too but more in a kind of quiet intensity. Hold the visualization until it feels like it is imprinted in your mind and the cells of your body. When you are ready get up and go make it happen.

Then when the time comes and you reach your goals be grateful and celebrate what you have done. That is the power of visualization. You can do everything with the end in mind and see yourself living into the life you created with the visions you carry inside. That is such a great feeling.