Desire, Intention, Expectation: 3 Magnetic Steps to Success

This week I find myself very energized about creating more success in my life. I have the tools and now I want to raise the focus. My last two journal entries have focused on visualization because I can feel the power of that and know also from many others how well our inner picturing works. I want to give you three more ideas today that frankly will start an unstoppable force in you. This force you can use to bring about whatever results you want.

DESIRE – The desire you feel inside is an inner calling to more fully realize who you are. Desire is a very positive force for your own good. If you want something like more money, a loving relationship, true freedom, more influence, a better world or whatever it is, that is a part of you seeking a higher realization. The pursuit of your desires takes you on a path that is full of energy and determination. You may have encountered other viewpoints that suggest desire is not good. Those viewpoints are more interested in controlling and limiting you. A person filled with desire follows his or her own path.

Find out what your desires are and give respect to their higher nature. With more money, you can do more positive things. With the love you want, you can give more love and compassion to the world. With the freedom you desire, you can open up to new experiences and be a more conscious and understanding human being. With more influence, you can have the power to make a real difference in the world. If you want to make the world a better place, than pursue your desire to do so. That is called, living with purpose.

INTENTION – When you know what your desires are then you can set an intention to manifest what you want. Intention is using the mind to focus your efforts on specific outcomes. Intention is gathering your inner forces to power you toward the results you want. Visualization is a key part of intention. See it, feel it, sense it in every part of your being and your intention will become a magnetic force for what you want.

Setting an intention each day is a great way to start. Today my intention is: to be open to love; to attract more money; to have my best sales day ever; to speak up about things that matter; to be more compassionate with myself and other; to be more conscious; to exercise and be more fit; to express my creativity; to listen better; to focus more on my business; to follow my intuition; or whatever you want to make happen. Intentions are powerful so choose what you most want for your higher good.

EXPECTATION Think of expectation as the energy of emotions. When you expect something to happen, you set your feelings on the results you want. Expectation is very forceful and can be a double-edged sword. The force for good is one in which you set yourself on a course to live into a positive expectation. Those expectations, and your journey to them, feel guided by the light of a higher path. The limiting force is one driven by ego and power. These expectations put limits on you and those around you. Expectation colors everything around it with emotions and can supercharge the results you seek.

Set expectations that expand you and encourage you. Go where you haven’t gone before through the inspiration of your expectations. If you fall short of expectations, and that will happen at times, don’t take it personally. Instead take this a feedback and adjust your flight pattern to reflect more refined expectations. The goal here is to live into an expectation that is overflowing with what you want.

With desire, intention and expectation, you can change you at a very deep level. This inner alteration will open yourself to the extraordinary life you long for now in your being.