You, Your Questions, and Your Heart Are So Needed Now

Lately I have been thinking and feeling that the world we live in offers us lots of challenges. There is a subtle but constant pressure to conform, to think like others think, to accept what is, to not question leaderships, to be ok with what is, to be weary of those who have different beliefs, to judge everyone and everything as good or bad. The individual is encouraged to give him or herself over the prevailing thoughts and beliefs of those in the “know” and to buy into the corporate think that the profit motive gives permission to act in any way necessary.

I have my own unique point of view that real differs from the others. I feel it is absolutely essential that you and I question what is going on. I also feel it takes great heart and courage to do so. There is so much we need to look more closely at and than determine, when needed, how to bring about positive change.

Is it ok that good health care is unavailable to many because of the huge profit making going on in the insurance, medical and pharmaceutical industries? Do you know Americans are prescribed more drugs than any other country? Is it ok that oil companies are making record profits out of our wallets? Is it ok that we were lead into the War in Iraq by a mass of misinformation? Is it ok that terrorist alerts are regularly spread through the media for political purposes? Fear is a powerful tool for control of the people.

Is it ok that religious leaders of one point of view can dictate to the rest of us how we should believe and act? Is it ok that some CEO’s run their companies with god like powers and without regard for the people, planet and future generations? It is as if the so-called “Me” culture is now running many of our heartless companies. Don’t you get tired of the news being so focused on the negative and fear generating stories? Is it really news anymore or just entertainment driven sensation?

Well I am on a rant today. Please excuse my lack of respect for what is. Is there anyone in our leadership in this country looking out for the good of the people, for you and me? Has the Congress or the President tended to the needs of the people or to the interests they are financed by? OOPs there I go again. When I start questioning, I have so many questions that I can hardly stop. I hope that happens to you too. There is much that is going on in the world that truly needs to be questions. The talk shows are really a bunch of talking head that lack any true heart or soul. The leaders say one thing and then continue to fund the war and kill more and more people, both our soldiers and the Iraqis, and somehow in a twisted way that is ok? Yikes I can’t stop wondering why all this stuff is going on that feels wrong to me and yet it continues?

Ok, so what can you and I do about things that matter to us? Maybe you want justice for all, or universal health care, or the end of humans killing each other for some cause, or to end world hunger, or to save the planet, or a peaceful world full of understanding and compassion? Whatever it is, make a commitment today to do something every week to make a difference. Maybe it is a letter to your congressional representative. It could be that you volunteer for an organization that works for justice, feeds the hungry, works for health care for all, or whatever it is. Maybe you start a blog and rant, spread your ideas, help people turn on the light of their own minds and hearts. The important thing is that you stir the pot and stop stewing in it. Do things that feel right. Let your heart and your inner wisdom guide you. You are so needed now.