7 Great Personal Qualities for the 21st Century

I gave my first talk in awhile last night at the Earth Works Expo in Denver. It felt so good to be out their stimulating minds and hearts. I can see the hunger in people to awaken, to be alive, to live from their hearts, and to make a difference in the world. When I write, I miss the feedback, questions and conversations of a live audience. I look forward to giving more talks in the future and to continue to spread inspiration from my words here at my blog. I welcome your feedback and questions in the comment section. Now here are 7 great qualities for life in the 21st Century

1. Patience – in this hurry and worry world the ability to be patient will set you apart from others, make you less reactive, and allow you to act when it is right to do so.
2. Acceptance of Self – you were trained to be highly self-critical. Breaking from the inner critic sets you free to realize your potential and to open your heart to love.
3. Determination – this quality for you is essential in a time when the barriers can be formidable, the distractions numerous, and the mind chaotic. With determination you will not be stopped by the limits of ordinary human beings.
4. Courageous – with the heart of courage on your side, you can take on what for many may seem impossible. You can go on the adventure of a hero’s journey and come out better for it.
5. Flexible - Today if you have flexibility you will find yourself able to adapt, to course correct, to maneuver around the obstacles of life. You will also find yourself stronger when the challenges of life come your way.
6. Open Minded – When your mind is open mind, you can keep on growing, you have more possibilities, you are free too see from a variety of viewpoints, you can avoid rigidity, allow more feedback, and be more open to greater success.
7. Compassionate – The world needs your understanding, your ability to listen, you guided by your heart, your receptivity to the feeling of others, you realizing your capability for great kindness, caring and love.

Have a wonderful day and share your light with the world.