Is It Ok To Be Hopeful?

I have spent much of the last three days at an Earth Expo in Denver. I met and talked with many like mind people who share my concerns for planet and humanity. It is reassuring that so many are exploring better ways of doing this life here on Earth. I also gave three presentations and found my audiences to be very engaging and hungry for ideas and inspiration. These times we live in are vibrating with the energy of necessary change.

Here are five reasons I feel optimistic about the planet and about what you and I are up to.

1. You and I and our fellow human beings are incredibly resourceful. We can get together and figure out how to resolve any of our problems. There is in us vast untapped creativity, and innovation. The transformative ideas needed are in you and I, today, waiting their birth.
2. Think NGO’s. Non-government organizations are a huge and growing phenomenon. These are people like you and I following their passions, living their values and taking action to make things better on the planet. Their mission is be the difference they want to see in the world
3. There are an ever increasing number of people asking questions, seeing past the misinformation, reading between the lines, seeking other perspectives, thinking critically and in general more alive and vibrant about life. This means they are awake enough to live into the possibilities and potential they have inside.
4. There is an expansion of understanding and awareness going on. When 1% of the population understands a new idea then it begins to spread across the planet. When 10% of the people grasp a new idea it becomes unstoppable and part of the universal wisdom of the planet. Change is happening and you and I can be part of it.
5. Even big companies are beginning to understand that greening their businesses can make sense, save money and be a positive difference maker. The planet is worth taking care of and companies with vision can see that tending to the Earth now will be make a difference for future generations.

Thanks for whatever you are doing. If you have a mission in life and are following it, congratulations. You are making a difference and I am grateful.

What are other hopeful signs you see?