What Is Freedom and How Can You be Free?

I have been thinking about freedom lately. Freedom to me is owning my own time; living in a world that is not run by fear; having enough money to not worry; having a government I can trust; living in a world where people and life are valued over profits and power; being in a world where tolerance, acceptance and appreciation of differences is valued; having a world where problems are worked out through dialogue, listening, understanding and combined efforts; and living in a world where love and compassion is recognized as the highest of values.
What does freedom look like to you? Tomorrow is Independence Day and talking about freedom is what independence is all about.

I wish I could say that in this country and across the planet we are close to the full realization of freedom. I cannot say that because there is still much we need to grow into before we are truly free. Forces that run much of the planet now are not really based on freedom. Fear, power, greed and control are actually about taking away our freedom. How is it that we still are run by these negative forces? Is that what we the people want? Isn’t it time we evolve past this ego driven way of thinking and acting?

Let’s take the focus away from the forces limiting freedom. Now what do you and I do to bring about more freedom? How do we help wake each other up to a move evolved and conscious way of being? That is a challenging question and here are some ideas:

• Freedom begins inside of you. How do you limit your own freedom? How do you hold yourself back out of fear? Personal freedom takes courage. Find ways to step past your own fears and express who you are and what matters to you.
• Bring freedom to your family and your relationships. Encourage each other to be free to express their uniqueness. Love each other for who they are not for who we want them to be.
• Encourage freedom in all those people you work with and interact with by accepting and appreciating who they are. The more you listen and understand others the more freedom you and they feel when you are together. There is an incredible freedom when you and I realize we are all much more connected and similar then different.
• Hold this view for freedom on the planet. I saw a picture of the earth from a satellite on the out edge of our solar system and I had a thought about our potential. Together on this tiny little speck of a planet we humans have come together and learned to live with each other in peace, compassion, understanding and freedom. This little planet and all of us have become a shining example of the highest realization of life. Can you see, feel, sense that?

See the very small dot below? This is Earth from Voyager as it traveled through deep space.