Happy 4th of July - 10 Great Ideas to Set You Free

Happy 4th Of July – 10 Great Ideas To Set You Free

I thought I would write about how to create more independence and freedom in your life. I want to share with you 10 great ideas to help set yourself free. For over 30 years I have been exploring these ideas and I am still learning. Try them out and see how much richer your life can be.

1. Turn the mind into a supportive and encouraging friend. Think good, kind, successful, deserving and loving thoughts about yourself. Duct tape the inner critic and take back your life from your childhood mis-programming.
2. Pay attention to and follow you inner guidance. The higher self in you can guide you to create the life you want and show you how to avoid situations that cause suffering. Real freedom is possible when you intuitively create the life you desire.
3. Step outside your story and just see the drama you have created. Impartiality will set you free to observe who you are in kindness and course correct as needed. Your story is not you. You are truly unlimited in your capacities.
4. Slow down, break away from your habit driven ways and most important get out of the trance you life has put you in. It is time to be spontaneous and authentic. No sheepish behavior allowed if you want to be free.
5. Put 10% of all the money you make into savings and investments. Financial freedom comes from passive (that means you don’t have to work) streams of income that completely meet your money needs. That is independence.
6. Open your heart as wide as you can. Love is the opposite of fear. When you love you have tremendous courage. You are here in this life to love, so love as much and as often as you can.
7. Live life like an experiment and explore, explore and explore. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to be yourself in new, unique and wonderful ways. Create each day as if it were a masterpiece in process.
8. Discover what your truths are and what you value. This discovery is life long and evolving. Live constantly and consciously what you belief to be important and true. A purposeful life is a great gift to humanity.
9. Make a commitment to yourself to enjoy your life, avoid being too serious, don’t take things personally, find the joy in each day and laugh often. Dance, sing, paint, write, compose and express just for the pure joy of it.
10. Be grateful every day for all the wonderful gifts you have been given by life. Each breath is a gift, each laugh, each thought, each flower, each friend, each insight, each meal, and each moment can remind us of all we have to be thankful for. The more gratitude you feel the closer you are the source of all creation.

I hope these ideas set off some fireworks in your life. You deserve to be free and independent, to have lots of love and success, and to live a life of purpose and joy.