The Courage To Be Your Own Hero

I was thinking about the courage it takes to trust in yourself; to live according to your values; to follow your inner guidance; to live your purpose fully; and to let your heart show you the way. I write about these qualities of trust, values, intuition, purpose and heart in my writing all the time. Yet I sometimes don’t acknowledge the courage and inner strength it takes to live according to what you and I know is right.

There are many forces inside and around you and I that try to get us to be different than we are. There is self-doubt and the limited thinking you and I picked up as children. Most of us did not have the benefit of ideas that were supportive to our uniqueness. Instead we were taught by adults and our peers to do what was acceptable, to fit in and to act like we are suppose to act. In each of us is a powerful need for approval that drive us to do what is expected by those around us and to often ignore our inner sense of how to be. The societal forces today, to be and act in accordance to what is acceptable, are as strong as ever.

How did you set yourself free of being in compliance with what others expect and have the courage to follow your own path of unique expression? Compliance is a word that I hear often in my work with companies. It is word that means doing what you are suppose to do according to the rules. “Get in line and quit acting out,” is the phrase that comes to mind. Oops I think that set off in me my post-traumatic response to twelve years of Catholic schools. All of a sudden I found myself wanting to rant about all the rules I got as a kid; and all the rules companies try to use to control their employees; and the government and all it’s rules to control for supposed protection against terrorist and to limit those who would have opposing viewpoints.

I am back now from my societal rant. The truth is that there are many challenges you and I face when we choose to live according to what is right for us. To live in alignment with who you are at the deepest level is simply amazing. When you and I can follow our hearts guidance and be in compassion in the world, we live a powerful life. When we can live according to our values, we feel empowered. When we follow the path of our purpose, we live with courage and force. When we actually learn to trust and live by our inner guidance, we set ourselves free to live and extraordinary life.

You are courageous if you travel the path of full self-expression, of realizing the potential and possibilities in you. That journey is a Hero’s Journey. You have this hero’s journey in your cells and your consciousness. The world will be much better off if you listen to and follow you life’s purpose. You have a mission, if you choose to accept it, you can transform yourself and the world. Please step into your heart and go forward with courage and determination as if the whole planet is waiting for your realization. IT IS.