Take Yourself Higher

This statement came to me loud and clear on my run this morning. I am an ever-expanding force for peace, love and consciousness on the planet. Right away the energy and flow of my run grew stronger. I felt in my mind and heart that this is a great statement of purpose for me. I love it when the message from my inner knowing or a Higher Source is so clear. Now the challenge is living up to it.

So here is what I plan to do and I invite you to join me. Each day I am going to take this statement and make in my intention to live my purpose. I ask you too to have a purpose statement and each day make it your intention to live your purpose. Living my purpose means I am putting my attention on and taking action toward realizing this expanding force for peace, love and consciousness in me. To do this successfully will take courage and determination. This is not about ego, this journey of purpose is about realizing the potential in me and about making a positive contribution to the world.

I challenge myself to be bold in my purpose, to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone, and to be my best in the pursuit of my highest realization. I expect nothing less from you, nor should you.

Get clear what you statement of intention is, be the energy of purpose
• Affirm your intention every day, feel it, see it, hear it, sense it
• Listen inward to your intuition, be open to guidance from the universe, it will be there
• Take focused and passionate action that feels right and is full of heart
• Continue forward step-by-step, course correcting as needed, be unstoppable
• Go until you find yourself fully living your mission, being on purpose
• Celebrate and feel the gratitude for all the successes along the way
• Enjoy living your potential and making a positive difference in the world

Feel the joy and satisfaction of creating an incredible life for yourself and for being a positive addition to the world. When you leave the world better than it was, there is reason to celebrate your life.