What Would You Do To Bring Peace To The World?

What would you do to bring peace to the world? This is a question I want to put out to all those who read my blog. I think it is a very important and timely question. It seems to me that every citizen of the world needs answer this question and do what they have to do to bring peace.

Peace will come about when we no longer elect people who do not value human life; starting a war shows a total lack of caring about human life. Peace will come when we no longer allow arrogance and ego to be driving forces in leadership; war is always about ego and arrogance. Peace will come when we find peace within ourselves. Peace will come when we take back the government from corporations that benefit from war. Peace will come when our hearts guide us not our fears. Peace is possible when the citizens are conscious and aware and look out for the good of all.

What would you do to bring peace to the world? Can you do that now? If not, are you willing to do something soon?

As you can see from my last blog, Take Yourself Higher, I have made a commitment to myself and to the planet that I will do everything I can to spread peace, love and consciousness. Peace begins inside and that is why I offer a free Guide To Inner Peace here at my blog. The guide uses the best ideas for finding peace inside from 30 years of counseling and coaching people through difficult times and in pursuit of a better and more successful life.

The spreading of Peace, Love and Consciousness are what my work is about. Let me talk here about the importance of love and compassion in the world. There frankly is no more powerful antidote to fear then love. Love is the capacity in each of us to be caring and concerned for ourselves and others. Love is the source of all compassion and understanding. Love is the greatest problem solver of human kind. When you engage your heart, you activate your highest human capabilities. The great spiritual teaching of the world all agree that love is the highest human expression. Love really and truly can resolve any issues inside, in your family, in the country and in the world. Love is stronger then fear, then any terrorist, then any corrupt government or organization. Love is the answer to resolving all of our conflicts.

Now I want to say a few words about consciousness. Consciousness is defined in a number of ways. Here is my take on it from the perspective of the human potential. Consciousness is the innate capacity of every human being to be awake and aware; to live in harmony with the natural world; to expand beyond individual awareness and need and to be inclusive of the greater good of all living things; to be in union with the collective wisdom of the human knowing; and to be at one with whatever greater wisdom and source that exists. Consciousness is now, open, expansive, inclusive, compassionate, creative and wise.

Now that you see what I am up to, would you like to help?

Personal Request

I am now leaving my part–time job, and until now my primary income source, to bring all my focus to my purpose to promote peace through consciousness, compassion and connection. That is my mission and I have two vehicles for that started. This blog about peace, purpose, love and consciousness and my peace company called Peace Together. Either place you can show your support.

You can buy our positive messages for peace t-shirts which are organic and sweat shop free at www.peace-together.com

You can purchase my e-books and Success workbooks which represent the very best ideas I know on each topic I have written about. They are locate to the right of this post.

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Thank you for your support in whatever way you give it. Thank you for working for peace and making a difference. Thank you for being awake, for having an open heart and mind, for caring enough to take positive action toward realizing your highest purpose. Together we will make peace possible.