In The Flow of the Moment

Lately I have been writing about a variety of topics and I have been in a flow of what comes up is where I go. This allows me to write from a place of inner guidance and spontaneity. I appreciate that this moment has all I need to be inspired. What other moment could there be but this moment?

Today, like any other day, there is desire for something in the future or memory of something from the past. Those thoughts of wanting or remembering are part of all of our experiences but they are not who you and I are. We are this moment. We are the breath as it flows in and out of our bodies. We are the urge to get up and do something or the thought of tiredness. We are the wondering and the sensations of the now.

So “who am I” is this moment is a great question to hangout with. Are you in this moment your life history? Are you the person others think you are? Where has your past gone to? Have you watched feeling rise up in you and then go away? Have you felt your own truth other then in the now? What do you value most in this moment, in the next moment, then the next. There is you changing moment to moment and then there is the part of you that doesn’t change. Who is that? Remember for a moment you as a child. Does that you still exist? What part of you continues even as life remodels you day by day?

What is the source of your joy? What is your truth now? What is love and what makes it happen in you? Are you your purpose?

Questions, lots of questions isn’t it great to be alive, to feel alive, to sense the energy of life as it flows through you?

I was reading the words of one of my favorite teachers this morning and wanted to share them with you. Thich Nhat Hahn is a Buddhist monk who writes with such clarity. Enjoy!

The first thing I do is be in the present moment. By doing so I touch life deeply. . . . Each step I take is life . . . . and in this present moment there are the wonders of life full of healing, transformation and joy.

I was just thinking of Ashley and Mike as they walked down the road today for peace and wondered if they felt the peace and joy of the moment. If you can give support they will appreciate it very much