Self-Love Can Save a Nation From Mediocrity

Today I am staying at my sister’s place in Central Oregon on the Crooked River Ranch. The smell of sage on my morning run was very pleasant and the occasional drops of rain made the desert even more pungent. It feels good to be back in Oregon where I grew up and to be with family. Although my biological family resides here I find my human family everywhere I go. You and I are in the same family whatever part of the planet we live on.

I saw a sticker on an RV driving yesterday that said get the US out of the UN?  I am amazed at the small mindedness of that idea. I guess the thought is the US would be tainted by being part of the world community. Nationalism is a very limited idea that puts pride and arrogance over thinking about what is best for all humanity. It seems to me the US would benefit from being a more active partner with other countries than trying to be the one in control and most powerful?

Self-love gives us the capacity to see beyond our own needs. Without love of self, you and I can too often be focused on what we don’t have instead of what is really needed for the best of all the people. With self-love a community of humankind is possible.

The United Nations to me can be the coming together of the people of the planet to work out problems (like terrorist, poverty, disputes, genocide, etc), to be compassionate to the needs of others, and to be a forum for setting global goals for the good of the planet and all of us who live here.

A love for self allows much more to happen because the self needs are met and then concerns of a big picture is possible. A health functioning UN would represent a healthy functioning citizenry. It seems to me that those opposed to this kind of unified effort are people in fear and out of touch with their own hearts? What make sense to you?

If you have self-destructive behavior going on in your life then self-love is needed. Destructive behavior going on in this country and on the planet would indicate the need for more love and compassion. Wars represent the total lack of self-love by those that start them and show nations who have lost their compassion and understanding. Countries who support wars have lost their heart.

I have slipped again into the political arena because what happens in a nation has to be the reflections of what happens inside the citizens. When there is poor turnout in elections there are many citizens who lack self-love. A citizenry who lacks self-love is much easier to control and manipulate. Self-love can save a nation from mediocrity.