Leaving Your Mark On Humanity

Saturday was a travel day so I arrived late in Redding CA and am writing some ideas for the next day. I have been feeling very inspired by all the kindness we a have received from so many people on this trip. Old friends and new friends have all been so nice to us and appreciative of who we are and what we are doing. I feel our peace work through compassion and consciousness is all about people interacting with people. Bobbi and I feel very clear about what we are doing with purpose. This clarity of purpose is very energizing and propelling toward leaving the planet in a better place then when we got here.

How are you going to leave your positive mark on humanity and the planet or maybe even the universe? Inside of you are all the resources you need to succeed. Yes I know there can be complications and barriers along the way. That is ok, because barriers are meant to get around, go over or go through. I know this work of purpose can be scary and difficult. That is what makes it so good when you are successful.

The end of the summer season is nearing. Now that the major play-time is moving into what’s next, what is next for you? I recommend you take some time to ready yourself for focused action. Take an issue and make something happen or join others and together be a force for good.

I volunteered with a friend earlier this week in Santa Barbara  http://www.foodfromtheheart.us  to work in a kitchen feeding those who are house bound. We filled 104 bags with 5 days worth of food we made. That felt so good. If you don’t know what to do, help feed people. If you are concerned about the planet, explore what groups you can join in your community or go green in your life. If justice is your passion go take a stand for something you believe in. Whatever it is, do something because it is needed and because you need to give of yourself and to live as fully as you can. This is a great way to find self-love.

Have a good day and know you are amazing. Sure others may not have noticed or were less appreciative but that was their problem. You deserve love; you deserve the life you desire.