Ann Coulter Deserves Love But Should She Be Listen To?

Every person on the planet deserves love. Even those who cause pain, are filled with hate or unkind towards others. I wonder Why do people listen to those that are filled with judgment, arrogance and self righteousness like Ann Coulter. I tried to read some of her book but it was so full of hate and untruths that I had to put it down. I see she is talking at Xavier University in September. Why would a school based on values have a person speak who seems to lack integrity and even the slightest bit of compassion. That doesn’t make sense to me. Why do people go listen to people full of hate and angry bias? If I was a student or graduate of Xavier University I would asked them to remove her because she lacks the important qualities of compassion, understanding and open mindedness.

Even Ann deserves lots of love. She especially seems in need of love and compassionate understanding. If I met her I would wish for her to have a life full of love and peace. I do not however support her spreading her misinformation of intolerance, superiority and hate on a college campus. It seems as wrong as inviting Osama Bin Laden to lecture on campus about what is unacceptable about America. She and her toxic views sadly represent arrogance at its lowest form.

I have been ranting again lately haven’t I? I do that once in a while. I still have parts of me that are reactive, that read or hear something that causes me to want to speak up. I have a thought about people who are so loud in the world about all that they see as bad. I suspect these people have very deep doubts inside about what is right and true. They shout because they are trying to convince themselves or trying to make themselves ok in some way? Does that make sense to you? Maybe my ranting is when I have doubts myself? I will explore that. I am 100% confident that there is much room in me for further insight, awareness and consciousness.

I hope you are finding these ideas interesting? Please take the idea of self-love as a very important key to you creating the life you want. Self-love can be the most transforming change you can make in your life. As each of us finds love then the whole planet gains a little bit more of a positive glow. One day the light of love and expanded consciousness will make this planet as bright as a star.