Self-Love Vs Fear, Greed and Control

Life changes when you have self-love. I know I was trained to think of loving others first and then possibly caring about my needs was ok. I suspect you may have had similar faulty beliefs handed to you. That point of view is backwards. It comes from the idea that we are not enough in some way; that others are more deserving of love or better. This is the misguided work of a very limited beliefs system.

One of those limiting belief systems has been churchs, their idea of sin and guilt have been used to limit people for too long. If you want to control people the best things to do is to make them feel inferior to the institutions that want to manage them. That is what churches have done for centuries. This moral superior point of view is at its roots neither moral or superior but more judgmental and arrogant. Be cautious around those who try to tell you what your truths are and what you should believe. Be on the watch for the hidden agenda that most institutions seeking power have. They do not necessarily have what is truly best for you in mind.

I feel you and I are in a time of real questioning. The powers that want to run us are pushing all the time for more advantage. That is the nature of the game of life as we know it. They are not bad just persistent in their mission to control. Individual freedom always suffers when organizations, governments, and corporations try to serve their larger needs. I have a deep concern because I wonder who really looks out for the needs of the people. I don’t believe our elected officials do, nor do corporations or other institutions. The drive for power and profit is too consuming to let the needs of the people get in the way. That is what I see. What is your experience?

I want to get back to the importance of loving yourself and how this is tied to the concerns of the world. This is what I think would be very beneficial to your life and the health of human kind and the planet. Begin with a heavy dose of self-love; mix in lots of questions about what is really going on; listen deeply to you inner wisdom, follow with passion the purpose you are called to realize; and then together we can create a world that is beneficial for all those sharing this planet.

Each person’s voice is of value. Each person’s heart fully activated is needed. One by one, joined together for the higher good of all, we can reshape the agenda toward what is best for all the people of this generation and for future generations. This intuitive heart force in all of us is more powerful then the ways of fear, greed and control.