We Are Much More Than What We Do

The relaxed paced is life has much to offer. It is kind of opposite from how most of us live. Even as I am vacationing, there is a part of me that wants to get things done. Doing has become the way you and I define ourselves. This kind of definition is based on what we accomplish, what we get done, what we do for others etc. This way of defining is ongoing and can be very unsatisfying on an inner level. We are much more than what we do.

I wanted to write about another way of establishing who you and I are. This way is from the inside out. I know that I have spent many years accomplishing a life of doing but all that has seemed on the surface to me. What has felt more real and significant is the inner exploration I have pursued over the last 25 years. This inner work of self-inquiry is to me what gives my existence its most meaning.

Self-awareness is about being a more conscious human being. The world you and I live in needs as many conscious and aware people as possible. We need that consciousness also because that guides us to our fullest expression.

I want to share with you today 3 ways that you can bring more awareness and insight to yourself and the world. Take these ideas and explore them. The more you explore the more you will know who you are and be guided to even a richer self-expression.

Point one is that of being present to who you are. This means tuning into your thoughts, feelings, desires, intuitions and purpose. An exploration of self will give you so much valuable information as to who you are. This being present to you has very positive ramifications. When you know who you are, you can live a life that honors your uniqueness and allows you to realize your fullest expression of self. You being you as fully as possible truly benefits the world.

Point two is to find your heart. By heart I mean both the physical heart and your heart center. This is the place in you where love exists. Love is the most powerful tool for transforming you, your life, and the world. Self-love is essential. If you lack self-love then you limit yourself significantly. Starting today, make a commitment to love yourself no matter what. Look in the mirror each day and tap yourself lightly on the chest and say I love myself. Any lack of self-love is learned and can be replaces with love. You can visualize your heart glowing with love and then have the glow fill every particle, cell, organ, thought and feeling in you. Then you are filled with love. Carry that love with you and develop a loving heart that full accepts you. Love yourself as fully as possible each day and watch your world become a wonderful place.

Point three is to stop the inner critic from running your life. There is in you and I a voice that is part of the conditioning we received growing up. That voice is full of limiting ideas about who you are and what you can be. That voice is a lie. You are not your mistakes, your fears, your doubts or your judgments. These ideas are simply a lousy collection of thoughts you have mistakenly held on to thinking incorrectly that they were true. Let those limiting thoughts go now. They serve you in no positive way. The inner critic must silenced or shrunk significantly so you can go for a richer expression of the wonder and possibility you are.

Let me know how your exploration goes. You can reach me with your experiences and questions through the comment section below or you can email me at explorelifeblog@gmail.com