Playful Engagement In A Way Too Serious World

Now days the intensity of life is extraordinary. The challenges of living in this high speed, want it now world are many. Finding your own way offers each of us a possibility of a very unique personal expression. You are you and to find your unique way of how you want to be in the world is what you are here in this life to do. A very important consideration is how to remain playful, joyous and light as you go forward with your life.

First I want to talk about why that is so important these days. Keeping yourself light and playful is necessary so that the child in you is kept alive and vital. The child within is a powerful creative force that is necessary in a world where too many think what they are doing should be taken seriously. The arrogance of importance is everywhere and such a block to the highest human expression.

The second point is if what you do lacks joy then it is not worth doing. Life moves down the road too fast to spend it without joy as a constant companion. Look around you today and notice how many have forgotten joy and chose the path of seriousness. Are they having fun yet? No and they will not any time soon. Joy is a great happiness meter for life. With joy you can live a happy and meaningful life; without joy your chances of a happy and fulfilling life do not exist.

The third point is that being playful and keeping things light allows you to not take yourself to seriously. If you keep light and flexible then you can turn life into a dance of joyful expression. When there is lightness then even the most challenging of situations can be tolerable and even ok. Lightness, humor, and being relaxed allow so many more possibilities to unfold. I love this line, “Angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly”. Which sounds better: trudging through life or flying more easily?

Fourth is the idea that life, when done easily, playfully and with joy in mind, can evolve to where it needs to be so you can fully realize your highest expression as a human being. Struggle, seriousness and hard effort usually means you have lost your way and a course correction is needed. Yes there are struggles at times and things don’t always work out effortlessly but if you are open and playful engaged you might just find your life going along in beautiful and wonderful ways.