Awareness, Relationship Building and Community

Today is a transition day. The conference has ended. I left my wife Bobbi off at the Enlightened Warrior Camp through Peak Potentials she will be attending for the next 5 days. I was exhausted after a busy conference and drive north to my former home of Santa Barbara. Staying with friends, I get to rest and relax for a few days. I love just playing and enjoying life.

I made some nice friends at the conference and it reminded me of how important networking is because it builds community. Now days everyone is just an email or cell phone call away. This larger community is what can turn into a driving force for change. Each like-minded, purpose-sharing ally along the way is a real plus. Friendships have the ability to lift you and I higher. Coordinated efforts can move much energy and send tremors through the control driven and power hungry structures that attempt to limit the will of the people.

How well do you build community? Do you enjoy creating and nurturing relationships? What gets in your way from empowering yourself and those around you? Some inner exploration will help you see what is working for you and what is not. Self-awareness is helpful. Look inward and ask how your thoughts could in some way inhibit you. Where do you need further clarity? What are your blind spots? What issues of heart do you need to work through? Where would forgiveness benefit you? What strong inner knowing are you ignoring? What do you need to do next to take you to a higher level of results?

Take time to answer these questions because they can make a significant difference in your life. With insight into your strengths and areas for growth you are better partner for yourself, you relationships and for building community. Self-inquiry is always beneficial.

Tomorrow I want to write about playful engagement in the world. Sure what you and I do with purpose is important; so too is the attitude and energy we bring to it.

Late edition addition: Wow I just finished a long run on the beach here in Santa Barbara. I have missed running long the ocean. In Boulder I run through the mountains but it is very different. The negative ions generated by the ocean naturally lift you up. The joy of running along the ocean or up in the mountains are very uplifting. Nature is the natural pick me up.