Observations and Insights For the Day

The conference is speeding along and it seems we are busy from early in the morning until we fall asleep at night. I find I have very little time to even think about what I am learning and exploring. A real positive is that all my regular routines are disrupted and my life grooves are not possible. Being in the moment is easier because there is nothing familiar limiting me to my regular ways. New experiences are very freeing and needed on frequent basis.

The other practical insight I’ve had here at the conference is the importance of community. Having others in your life that share values, purpose, and points of view provides energy and inspiration. I know this but now I understand, the more support and encouragement the better. I want to have more of a community where I live. So I guess I need to make that happen.

I just watched several people enter into great discomfort. They wanted to see a certain presenter and the room was full and closed. This presenter was a swami from India talking about peace and these outsiders were experiencing a real absence of peace. They were even being unkind to the volunteer at the door. They looked frustrated and uncomfortable not having control of the moment. Inner peace was not possible at that moment so even if they got in they would still have had a hot trail of emotions running madly through their bodies. Loss of peace over not attending a peace talk, is it worth it? Our thoughts create our feelings – just a reminder.

People are endlessly interesting for me to watch. Listening and observing always gives me an opportunity for awareness and insight not only for others but also for me. I have lost my peace a time or two over insignificant situations like traffic, expectations, etc. What sets you off and cause your inner peace to go away? More ideas and questions will be coming your way later.