What Next at IONS Consciousness in Action?

I feel grateful for all the like-minded people who share in their desire for a better world. This better world would be: guided by the highest consciousness; inspired by compassion and love; in touch with the needs and concerns of the people; supportive of self-realization and the fullest expression of human potential; and encouraging of the intuitive and creative genius in each person. This world would be empowered to resolve all differences and to build a common ground of respect and understanding. This may seem ideal but it is immensely more practical because in you and I is the ability to make it happen. This does not call for us to be any more than who we are capable of being. There is in you and I such a vastness of possibility. Take a moment and feel the buzz of purpose and passion that flows through you. . . . . . . . . . .

Although you may not have yet fully tapped into the forces that wait in you for release and realization, the reservoir is full and the dam of your self-limitations is about to burst. Take some time to explore the following questions and then together you and I will set the world on fire with the passion of a mission that is unstoppable.

  • Find out who the “I” is? Is the “I” who you are?
  • What is your witness consciousness?
  • How do you limit yourself?
  • Which do you have greater control over: the world around you or your mind? Which one has the most potential to improve the quality of you life?
  • These two incredible speakers Robert Thurman and Andrew Harvey had much to say about consciousness in action. Check them out on Google and see what they are about.

The path to be a participant of consciousness in action is full of questions. I hope you find the above questions helpful. Robert and Andrew are definitely worth discovering. I hope to write more about them soon.

T-shirt sales are going great at the conference. It is so exciting to participate and have Peace Together www.peace-gether.com as part of this conference. We feel very involved with people that can make a difference in the world.

Peace and Purpose to you.