IONS Conference Opens to Transform

We made it to Palm Springs last night where the conference begins today. It is 109 outside. Air conditioning is a great invention. We noticed a couple of places we stopped to eat, along the way here, how hurried and unaware people seemed of others. This country sometimes seems to be on speed.

How did we all get to be in such a hurry? How come there is so much worry in people’s faces? It seems that impatience is rushing through our bodies like some kind of survival drug? People seem frantic and unable to look anywhere but straight ahead.

Now at the conference, things seem much more relaxed. I like that feeling. It seems more natural and how we are meant to be. The conference is put on by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is titled Consciousness in Action – The Science and Practice of Transformation. This is there 12th International Conference. The speakers/presenters sound impressive and I am really looking forward to taking in all these great ideas. I will share as much as I can with you the reader as I go along and after.

Until then, I was thinking more about one love, one mind, one consciousness as we traveled through a barren yet oddly beautiful canyon somewhere between Utah, Arizona and Nevada. We traveled through these 3 states in about 30 minutes as they all come together in this one spot and only imaginary boundaries separate these states.

This imaginary boundary ides is an interesting one. Just like the astronauts who first experienced the earth from far away. They too saw there were no boundaries on the Earth from Space. All these boundaries are imaginary and we humans argue for and sadly even kill in the name of their realness. I wonder if the boundaries between each other are more imaginary than real? That in fact we are one love, one mind, one consciousness more than we are separate? The ego, for sure, argues for our differences. Beyond the ego there is far more in common and our hearts, minds and consciousness are much more open to joining together.

I will write again soon to let you know about the conference. Keep exploring and let me know how the love, mind and consciousness are doing in connecting to the greater union.