Highway Exit Goes To Bliss

I just saw on the sign that there were 10 miles between me and Bliss. I have had numerous moments of Bliss in my life but I have never driven through Bliss. Bliss, Idaho is where I am as I start to write this journal entry. As I look around me I see very little but lots of empty land. Maybe bliss is an inside state of being? So a simple clear place like this might allow the mind to calm down and the ego to find some peace. Then I would be in bliss. Now that I have passed through Bliss I know how to find it again.

I was thinking about what made life blissful. Here is what makes me feel blissful, what brings bliss into your life?

When I feel at peace and my mind is calm
When I am involved in creativity
When I walk in nature and take in the vibrations
When I feel filled with love
When I am intimate with my love
When I have had a great workout
When I communicate with my spirit both inside and the Source
When I have meaningful conversations with people I care about
When I am playing ping-pong or golf and just enjoying the play
When I am inspired by ideas, art, music or something else
When I have a moment of unity with all things
When I have insight or awareness that expands my consciousness
When I am successful at something that challenges me
When I relax and let go and am fully present in the moment
When I am uplifted by a talk or a good book.
When I am learning something that grabs my imagination
When I travel and explore new and wonderful places
When I see beauty in any form and take a moment to enjoy it
When I eat something that tastes great and is satisfying.

That is my list, what is yours? Take some time to write at least 10 things that bring you bliss. If you can’t come up with ten then it is time to have some more fun in your life; open your heart, let go, follow more desires, meditate, be creative, listen inward for guidance or whatever necessary. When you have your list put together, place it somewhere where you can read it often and do the things that bring bliss to your life.

Joseph Campbell a very wise and insightful explorer of human nature once was asked, “what he thought the essences of living a fulfilling and happy life was?” He response was, “Follow you bliss.

Be blissful and enjoy today and everyday.