Two Blogs: Glad To Be Home, Still Stirred Up

Road Trip Is Over, Home At Last

The road trip is over and I am back after 19 days on the road. It was an excellent trip. We had a very successful conference in Palm Springs in which a lot of our peace t-shirts were sold and we made some new friends. The Enlightened Warrior Camp (Checkout my wife attended in Santa Barbara was challenging but excellent (I know because I went the year before). I enjoyed visiting my friends in my favorite city. Two days later we saw Crater Lake and visiting my sister in Central Oregon, hiked on the Pacific Crest Trail near Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood and then visited the rest of my family in the Portland area. Then two days of driving back here to Boulder. We saw and appreciated lots of beautiful country. Entered Bliss and moved on. Home sure is nice and to be off the road feels good.

I am glad to be home and I appreciate where I live even more because of the trip. This is a city where the mountains call you and the pursuit of fitness is part of the lifestyle. The ideas of this community are vibrant and alive. I feel a need to be more involved. I also loved being back in Santa Barbara on this trip. The weather there is ideal for an outdoors person like myself. The mix of ocean and mountains works best for me. I love the call of nature whether it is the waves of the Pacific or the Rocky Mountains. Nature nurtures my body, heart, mind and spirit

Still Stirred Up About Iraq

I have been all stirred up again about the politics of this country. We are still killing and being killed in Iraq. No one seems to have the guts to end the war, so it just keeps on ending and ruining people’s lives. I want to figure out a way that we the people can make a difference.

There is so much corporate profit from the war that we can’t count on the business sector for help. The elected officials seem more concerned about seeking approval than about holding the president accountable so they won’t help. The president and vice president want to have Iraq as a powerbase in the Middle East and have no intention of leaving. The various media components (newspapers, television, radio, web based sources, etc.) are owned by corporations so they are not helping either. Opposition is suppressed and those speaking out are labeled as unpatriotic or criminalized. So it is up you and I. Courage and focus are needed.

What do you suggest we do? The polls say Americans want out of the war but nothing is happening in that direction. How do we take back the government? What can you do as an individual? How do we come together and make a difference?

Our NGO Peace Together is about spreading peace on the planet through consciousness, compassion and connection. Consciousness is a key because when people are aware and thinking more expansively then wars are seen for the insanity they are. A conscious citizenry will demand a government that reflects higher values then power, profit and greed.

With compassion comes understanding and the power of the heart to resolve differences. Boy is that ever needed now. Love and compassion is a powerful doorway into a better world.

Connection is about you and I and everyone else sharing much more in hopes, dreams, and desires than differences. We are all citizens of the this beautiful Earth, we are connected in so many ways and our differences of beliefs are minor compared to what we share.

Isn’t it time we quit killing each other over differences in beliefs, which are simply no more than thoughts we think. Change our thinking and allow differences, be guided by our hearts, seek understanding not control and dominance, and be conscious enough to know that you and I create the reality we live in. It is time to re-picture and rebuild the world so that it reflect the higher knowing that is inside of us. Fear is not the guiding force as the president and the news people would like us to believe. Love, compassion, consciousness and understanding are the way.

Join me and together we must figure out a way for the light in us to prevail because the dark side of humanity is running us into the ground.