Attorney General Resigns, Is Peace and Justice For All Possible?

Breaking News: I just read the news that the Attorney General has resigned. That ends a very sad chapter in the Justice Departments history. If the Attorney General runs Justice with a political slant then true justice is not possible. This administration has made telling the truth a lost art. I hope this disgrace makes for changes that are for the best of the people and the country. Learning from our mistakes can make us better and more conscious.

I feel energized and motivated by the challenges of life. How about you? There are many challenges out there. Each of us must choose a path filled with passion and purpose. The mission I have chosen is clear: I am working for peace, both inner peace and world peace. What path will you choose to be a positive agent for change? There is much work to do for justice, for understanding, for the environment or whatever cause has meaning for you. As I wrote yesterday, the three areas I am focusing on to promote inner and world peace are: consciousness, compassion and connection. I want to write more about these ideas and talk about how this pertains to you the reader.

Before I do that I wanted to share with you a book I have started to read. The book is called Global Sense, Awakening Your Power to Change Our World by Judah Freed. I met Judah at the Earth Works Expo and traded one of our peace t-shirts for his book. I finally have gotten time to read his book. The book takes the wisdom of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and makes it relevant to what is going on in this country today. The book is excellent and just the reading I needed now to inspire me. I highly recommend that if you are concerned about the direction this country is heading that you read this book as a source to encourage you active participation in making a difference.

Peace to me begins inward. Inner peace comes from being a conscious and aware human being and from having an open and loving heart. When aware and awake you are present to who you are and act from a higher knowing within you. This consciousness allows you to live by the highest truths and values. You value all of life; respect all viewpoints; are accepting of differences; understand the value and power of love inside of you and in the world; are a caring citizen of the entire global community; value justice for all; able to see the big picture and the part you can play to for the betterment of all; and much more.

Conscious human beings are less judgmental of self and others, freer to play and enjoy life, and are guided from their inner knowing. This freedom and guidance along with emotional awareness and the other qualities above make inner peace possible. Inner peace is essential ingredient for those working for world peace.

World peace is a task that each citizen needs to participate in. Governments cannot be trusted with the task because they are to driven by control and power. I think of the astronauts view of Earth free of boundaries and I wonder how we humans, our governments and organizations like religions have sent so many lives to death in pursuit of nationalism, superiority, righteousness or whatever the drumbeat of the day was. That sheep behavior must come to an end.

In each of us is a much greater knowing and wisdom of the heart then any government, organization or religious institution. The inner and higher wisdom you have comes from your consciousness and your capacity to love and understand. No organization has the capacities of consciousness or love. It is the individuals of the organizations that have these higher capacities. Those innate ways of compassion and awareness in you need to be realized for the greater good of all. Unfortunately most leadership has lost these capacities in the pursuit of power and ego fulfillment so they can’t be counted on for guidance. It is you and I that have to step up and be the voice for the highest expression in each of us.

I will write much more about Peace and stepping up over the next few months. I feel positive that the people of this country and the planet are gaining their voice back and that positive changes are in the wind. Listen and you will hear people of all beliefs and points of view questions the status quo. Together you and I and everyone can work out the best path for a better and more peaceful world.