I wanted to create for you a simple clear plan to enrich your life. Print this and use it as a reminder on what to focus on that will encourage the best expression of you each day.
Find Your:
PERSON – to accomplish this the basic ingredients include: discover yourself; be aware you are mind, body, heart and spirit; shrink the inner critic, stop judging; forgive yourself and move on; and love and accept yourself more each day.
PURPOSE – explore and live the following: what is you unique contribution; what are you here to do; what is your mission, how can you make a difference; where does your heart and soul guide you to go in this life.
PASSION – to live life fully you need to know: what makes you feel alive; find where the energy in you resides and fully explore and express the source; listen careful to the intuition’s guidance; find the joy and follow it; where the focus goes the energy flows.
PEACE – this is a key result, how to get there: start by accepting who you are fully and completely in each moment; relax and slow down; bring your emphasis from doing to being; find the stillness inside; make goal inner peace your reality.
CONSCIOUSNESS – wake up: come out of the trance of life and the habits that run you; seek insight and self-awareness; grow into your highest place of wisdom and potential; be self-realizing; discover the unity of all conscious being with all of life.
COMPASSION – this one is clear and joyous: open your heart and follow its wisdom; listen deeply; seek to understand; be loving and caring; give of yourself; be kind; it is ok to love everyone and everything.
CONNECTION – you and I and everyone are connected: find out what dreams, hopes, and desires you share with others; there are more similarities then differences; explore and grow your relationships with everyone you know; enjoy and appreciate differences.
CREATIVITY – there is in you and nature an infinite source of inspiration and creation: all needs and challenges can be solved by the creative forces of love and understanding; to create is to realize your highest expression and the divine in you.