A Life That Keeps Expanding

The next few days I am at the Metaphysical Fair in Denver. We are selling our peace t-shirts and talking to people. There are many interesting booths with healers, readers, stones, clothes and healing tools. The place is abuzz with people and healing energy. I just took a 15 minute nap on a bio-mat several booths away and I am feeling refreshed. I love the variety of people that are drawn to this kind of event; people that think outside the box and are open to a variety of points of view.

There is something about open minded that is very appealing to me. I guess it is the idea of not being set in your ways or think you have all the answers. How could you think you had all the answers? I feel there is so much more to know and become more conscious of in this life. If you are not here to continue your learning, to explore your potential, and to be more fully realized then what are you doing? Just getting by or only being focused on survival means you are under utilizing your innate abilities and may be too often run by fear.

I know fear and self-limitation intimately and frankly there aren’t that cool of friends to hang out with. Most of what has kept me from being more in life is imposed upon me by limiting thoughts in my mind. Stuff I learned either from those around me, from school, or religious training. Much of what I learned in my early years was not enlightening but their (family, school, organizations, religion etc.) own set of limiting ideas.

The lack of light in these ideas is because the critical thinking was missing and the heart wasn’t listened to. Like I have been, they too are stuck in limiting ideas that have been past on without question. Unquestioned beliefs too often create a rigidity of thinking that keep us from experiencing higher knowing. I know if you read my blog, you hear often from me about the importance of having a vigorous and actively questioning mind.

Today and the next few weeks see if you can catch limiting thoughts that you have. Hear the thoughts and then acknowledge they are there. Next write down or at least in your head, change that thought to one that is more expansive and empowering. An example might be: if you have a thought that you don’t deserve to have something you want like, love, success, abundance or whatever; acknowledge you are limiting you and then rewrite that thought and feel the new expansive you in your heart. Now in your thinking and feeling you do deserve what you want. Feel the power of that for your deserving is totally and complete correct.

Have a good day and be thinking and feeling you can have as good of day as you could dream possible. Lincoln said, “People are as happy as they choose to be.” One thought away from happiness sounds good to me.