What Is Our Nature As Human Beings

I have been reading lots of good stuff lately. Global Sense by Judah Freed is an excellent book that I mentioned before and now I have read much more of it. If you like political discussion based on common sense you will appreciate the ideas of Global Sense. The second book is The Heart of Social Change by Marshall Rosenberg who is a very respected teacher of Nonviolent Communications around the world. His short little book is full of great ideas and information. Both of these writers share information that is enlightening.

Social change is liberating ourselves from any theology, from any spirituality that is not in harmony with what we believe will enable us to create the kind of world we would like. . . . The spiritual development that we need, as I understand spirituality, focuses on a few questions: What is our nature as human beings? What are we about? What is the good life?” Marshall Rosenberg.

This is a very interesting point of view and certainly puts into question what belief systems serve us and the betterment of humankind, and which ones serve the needs of organizations that want to be in control. Here I go again posing those pesky questions. When was the last time you sat down an asked yourself what you really believe and what is old ideas that need updating. This is to me is a life long project that needs updating on a regular basis.

"What is our nature as human beings? What are we about? What is the good life?" These are great questions and important for any person as they sort out what are the key aspects of their lives? I am confident, as they questions are explore openly, the possibilities for discovery of a much deeper and richer life will come into being.

Take a chance and go where many don’t dare. With courage explore all you hold true and all that opens up from a true search for higher knowing and consciousness. Share with us along the way and you and I and everyone will be better from your journey. Go in peace and stir up the dust on the limiting ideas until a new more expansive and inclusive view is brought into creation. Remember the highest source of the universe is in you.