Plan For Your Freedom On Labor Day

September is here and Labor Day is today. What happened to summer? It can’t be winding down already can it? I am a summer person who loves the outdoors and the warmer weather. Now I have to start getting ready for the days getting darker earlier and the weather changing toward the cooler. Cooler is fine as long as it isn’t really cold like it will be here in a couple of months.

As summer winds down, I start thinking about what I want to focus on as the play cycle turns toward more doing with purpose. I have several projects in mind and I will see what I can do to make them happen successfully: build traffic to my site; build traffic and business at Peace Together; find opportunities to consult, teach and do talks, presentations and workshops; write another book, run a fast mile, and take my musical to the next step.

These are all ambitious projects and will provide me the challenges necessary to bring out the best in me. What projects are you waiting to start, needing to resurrect, or to push through to the finish line? Are you challenging yourself or taking it easy? I you working for others and find your challenges there? The time to take an important project off the shelf is now. Dust them off, review your ideas and plans and decide where you want to put your energy. Put your focus toward ideas and projects that have a lot of potential to create positive results, to bring out your greatness, to move you more toward personal freedom. These are ideas worth exploring and giving you energy to at this time in your life.

Think of yourself as an energy force that needs to be focused. Unfocused energy dissipates. Focused energy generated more energy. What you think about expands/where you focus goes, the energy flows. The mind and heart with intention and commitment are power plants for energy. Where does your mind go? What do you think about? What do you want to make happen?

I was at this Metaphysical Fair for three days talking about peace and I enjoy getting a reading every once in a while. So I checked them all out and chose one that seemed right for me. The last time I got a reading by a psychic in this kind of setting was back in Santa Barbara about 3 years ago. I received my reading this weekend and the results were amazingly similar to the one three years ago. The psychic today and the one several years ago both asked me about something I was working on that I needed to bring into the world. That was this musical I wrote a few years ago.

I was inspired and guided in my writing of this musical but now I feel stuck lacking the musical expertise I need to enhance the 24 songs and then turn them into sheet music. Further guidance is needed and funding also. I have gotten some help but the project is stalled. Today the message from the Universe via the psychic about whether to go forward or not was a resounding YES. The last card I drew was from a creative deck of ideas and it said YES in big letters as clear as a bell. I must go forward and take some risks and I am again confident there is help that will come my way. I will keep you updated.

So there is much on my plate, how about yours? Is it time to go to the buffet of life and dish up a big batch of possibilities and start down the path of a passionate you in pursuit of joy and fulfillment? In honor of labor day, let your heart and mind guide you to work that doesn’t feel like work and go live with as much purpose and passion as you can. The world will be a better place if you do and you will feel such wonderful freedom.