The Buffet of Life

Have you ever sat down and listed all the possibilities and potentials in you that are waiting for expression? Probably not, because it would take a very long time to make that list. Yes I am talking directly to you. Think of a tiny seed in apple, that seed can become a full apple tree that blesses the world with its fruit. Like a seed you have the potential to grow into something that blesses the world with all you create. An apple seed is limited in what it can manifest, but you as a human are unlimited in what you can create. There never has been found a limit to human creativity. The possibilities in you are limitless.

What in you is calling for expression? I ask this question because I know how life can close in on you and keep you so busy doing that you loose touch with your deeper desires and higher callings. The last two years I spent a lot of energy working in a very stressful job and a couple of important things for me got put on the back burner. Making a living can get in the way of expressing who you are. Does it have to? I don’t think so?iStock_000000416711Small.jpg

The need for security and fear of the unknown can keep you and I holding onto something that we think is the source of our supply. The Universe/Great Spirit/Creator is the source of our supply. Whatever you belief is, one thing for sure is true, there is a force much greater then you or I from which all things flow. That Source supplies what you ask for and if it is a job to get by on, than that is what you get. If you are willing to ask for the resources you need to follow your dreams and express yourself fully than that is what you get. The Source loves to assist you being all that you are here to be. You were given the unique potential that you have so that you could realize it.

Now it is time to step up to the buffet of life and look at where you are at and where you are heading and do compassionate assessment. Are you heading where you want to be going, where you heart calls you or are you in a track fear built? No judgment necessary but a course correction may be advised. If it is time to get in gear towards your fuller expression, what scoops of the buffet should you put on your plate? Do you need a taste of clarity, or a flavor of intention or a big bite of commitment or courage? What else is needed to get you going where you need to go?

I am embarking on course correction that leaves the fear track behind. The work I am called to do will challenge me to be in the world with courage and commitment. Trying to be content with less expression will no longer work for me. The years of making do and the times of tasting the possibilities have made my life work to a degree but that is no longer enough. I am blessed with a great partner, a rich awareness, a variety of skills and experiences and now I must go forward with all the purpose, intent and courage inside of me. Guided by my intuition and a higher knowing and supplied by the Source I cannot fail. I may need to adjust as I go but my highest realization is on the way today.

Join me and together we will travel where no one has gone before because no one has the mission you and I are on. Remember the where the mind and heart goes the energy flows and you will be just fine. Let me know how it goes and you will hear how mine flows.